Free Daily Devotions

Free daily devotions

Our free daily devotions will help you spend time with the Lord each day of the month. Click on the links below to read our free daily devotions and strengthen your Christian faith.

Day 1 Devotional
Encouragement Devotional for Cutting Times

Day 2 Devotional
Encouragement Devotional - Show up and Shine

Day 3 Devotional
Encouragement Devotional - Refuse to accept the unacceptable

Day 4 Devotional
Scripture devotional: Whoever assembles against you shall fall

Day 5 Devotional
Devotional: When the enemy shall come in like a flood

Day 6 Devotional
Devotional: With the measure you mete

Day 7 Devotional
Devotional: Without counsel, plans go askew

Day 8 Devotional
Devotional: Where you go, I will go

Day 9 Devotional
Devotional: Whoever strives with His maker

Day 10 Devotional
Hope Devotional: Where is your God?

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Day 11 Devotional
Scripture Devotional: You shall not have other gods

Day 12 Devotional
Stress relieving devotional: Jesus is the best stress management therapist

Day 13 Devotional
The Pregnant Woman Devotional

Day 14 Devotional
Devotional: You shall not murder

Day 15 Devotional
Devotional: You shall not steal

Day 16 Devotional
Devotional: You shall not lie

Day 17 Devotional
Devotional: You shall not covet your neighbors things

Day 18 Devotional
Devotional: You shall love your neighbor

Day 19 Devotional
Devotional: Your Heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit

Day 20 Devotional
Devotional: Stewardship for one silver coin

Day 21 Devotional
Psalm 91 Devotional

Day 22 Devotional
Scripture Devotional: Psalm 67

Day 23 Devotional
Scripture Devotional: Psalm 9

Day 24 Devotional
Scripture Devotional: Psalm 3

Day 25 Devotional
Devotional: You ask and you do not receive

Day 26 Devotional
Devotional: You O Lord are a God Who is full of mercy

Day 27 Devotional
Devotional: Whoever does not control his spirit

Day 28 Devotional
Devotional: Which of you intending to build

Day 29 Devotional
Devotional: You will keep me in perfect peace

Day 30 Devotional
Devotional: You will say to this mountain

Day 31 Devotional
Devotional: Your faith should not be in human wisdom but in the power of God

Month 2 Day 1
Devotional: You shall not make graven images

Month 2 Day 2
Devotional: You shall not misuse the name of God

Psalm 91 Devotional Book

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