The Best Spiritual Insurance Policy

The Best Spiritual Insurance Policy

Are you Looking for the best insurance policy in the market?

Are you looking for an insurance policy that covers your health, bank deposits, home, business, job, rental property and all other sources of your income?

Are you looking for an insurance policy with flexible premiums and customized rates?

Are you looking for an insurance policy that pays you back by putting more money in your pocket?

Are your looking for an insurance policy from a company that will never face a financial crisis or need a bailout?

If you are, look no further than Malachi Chapter 3 verses 8 to 11.

In these verses, God promises you that if you pay your insurance premium, which is your tithe, He will cover you and protect you and your sources of income from devourers. These devourers or destroyers include diseases and debtors and copyright infringers and product pirators and floods and fires and market changes and weather changes and any other thing that will try to destroy you or your income generating potential.

Therefore, for a premium of just ten percent of your income, you get health insurance, home owner's insurance, rental owner's insurance, business insurance, auto insurance and copyright insurance all rolled into one amazing policy.

In addition to protecting you and your sources of income, God also promises you that He will open the windows of Heaven for you and pour out for you so many other blessings that you will not have room to store them. 

These blessings may be in the form of business ideas or book chapters or product designs or song lyrics or marketing tips that will generate more income for you than the ten percent you have given Him. And the best thing about these unlimited returns, is that they will be massive amounts of passive income since He will just be pouring them out to you and you will not have to contort yourself working for them.

As if that is not enough, God offers you a flexible premium for this awesome insurance policy. He offers you a customised rate of just ten percent of what you make. Therefore on the months you make a little money, God understands and He only expects you pay Him just a tenth of that and the full policy is still valid.

Therefore, since you can never predict when malignancies or malevolent competitors or malicious coworkers will attack you or your sources of income, run to your Church today and pay up your insurance policy for it is by ensuring that you pay your tithe, that you insure your wealth. Test Him as He challenges you with your ten percent and you will taste and see that the Lord is good.


  1. Pretty good posting beloved!! With a bit of luck I can make an impact by 98 christian blogs. Thanks dear for a good allocation :)

  2. Free eBooks,

    Thanks for your compliment and with God's help you can and will make an impact.

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  4. Very helpful blogs. I write christian blogs myself. We need more of this in these last days. People are hungry for Jesus and everyone in the body of Christ help in some way....even by just praying for others and their endeavors. Please keep it up.


  5. Darryl William Crawford,

    Thanks for your encouragement.

    I also encourage you to continue with the good work you are doing in your site and hubs.

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