Endorse yourself

If you ever find yourself facing a once in a lifetime opportunity that will help you fulfill your destiny here are a few lessons that you can learn from David when he faced his once in a lifetime opportunity to fight Goliath:
Endorse yourself.

When King Saul told David, "You are not able to fight against this Philistine because you are a youth and he is a man of war from his youth.(1 Samuel 17:33)

David endorsed himself and replied, "I used to take care of my father's sheep and when a lion or a bear stole a lamb from the flock, I went after it, struck it and delivered the lamb from its mouth. (1 Samuel 17:34-35) 

Therefore endorse yourself and stop waiting for people to endorse you.

Encourage yourself.
When David's big brother heard him inquiring about Goliath, instead of encouraging him he tried to discourage him by publicly telling him, "I know your pride and rude, disrespectful behavior (insolence)" (1 Samuel 17:28) But David did not let those word deter him. He simply turned from him(1 Samuel 17:30)

Therefore stop waiting for  people to encourage you before you take action. Encourage yourself in the Lord and turn away from those who are discouraging you.

Believe in your abilities.

David believed in his abilities and he confidently told King Saul, If it attacked me, I caught it by its beard, struck it and killed it. I have killed a lion and a bear and this Philistine will be like one of them. (1 Samuel 17:36) 

Therefore stop waiting for people to believe in your abilities before you make the move. Believe in your abilities and make the move.

Trust yourself.

When King Saul clothed David with his armor, bronze helmet and coat of mail, David took them off and told the king, "I cannot walk with these since I have not tested them.(1 Samuel 17:38-39) 

Therefore stop trusting what others know more that you trust what you know.

Believe in God's ability to help you.

David believed in God's ability to help him for he confidently stated to King Saul, The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.(1 Samuel 17:37)

Therefore stop doubting God's ability to help you. Trust Him and make most of your once in a lifetime opportunity.

Do not make fear based decisions

The Bible tell us that the servant who was given 1 talent buried it because of fear for he told his master, "I knew that you were a hard man ... and so I was afraid and hid your talent in the ground. " (Matthew 25:24-25) 

This man let fear of his master decide and dictate what he would do with his talent. The result of his fear-based decision was that his master called him "Wicked and lazy servant(Matthew 25:26) and commanded, "Take the talent from him and give it to the person who has 10 talents(Matthew 25:28) and "Cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness." (Matthew 25:30)

Therefore, regardless of what talent God has given you, do not make fear-based decisions.

If for example God has given you a talent of writing or designing, do not let fear of people stealing your writing or designs make you bury it by not sharing it online. 

Use your talent and if you find your work stolen pray and ask God to pay you for your losses and to pay the thief for their actions. 

Ensure that you also pay your tithes because in Malachi 3:8-11 God promises us "I will rebuke the devourer for your sake".

This means that He will protect you from devourers who in my opinion include copyright infringers, product pirators and anyone else who tries to destroy your income generating potential in any way.

In addition, Commit your way/work to the Lord, trust Him and He shall bring it to pass. (Psalm 37:5) 

Therefore, instead of letting fear dictate what you will or will not do with your talent:
1. Tithe and commit your work to God
Tithe and commit the work that you produce with your talent to God so that He can rebuke the devourer for you.

2. Tithe and trust God
Tithe and trust that God will ensure that the "Vine shall not fail to bear fruit for you in the field" regardless of whether your field is an actual physical field where you plant crops to sell or a virtual field where you plant ecourses and cards to sell.

3. Deter the thieves
Do whatever you can do deter the thieves. This can mean installing a plugin on your blog or watermarking your photos. 

4. Use your talent
Use your talent and ensure that your thief-deterring efforts do not steal the time that you should be using to create with the talent that God has given you to use.

Your faith will make you well

This woman with the issue of blood had suffered with her disease for 12 years and spent all her money moving from doctor to doctor seeking a cure for her condition. But, she did not get well.

However, when she met Jesus, she was healed. 

So what made the difference?

Her faith made the difference for Jesus said to her, "Your faith has made you well." (Mark 5:34)

Therefore regardless of whether your problem is physical, mental, financial or social there are several things that we can learn from this woman about how to solve it:

1. Take action
This woman could have wallowed in self-pity and locked herself in her home because she had suffered for many years and from many things all in the name of looking for a solution for her problem which mocked her and continued worsening.

But she did not. She took action and went to where Jesus was.

Therefore even if you have been starting businesses or relationships that fail for the past 12 years and you are now broke financially or emotionally, learn from this woman and do something today that can change your situation even if it is starting another blog or friendship.

2. Have faith
This woman believed that her action would solve her problems for she said, "If I touch His garments, I shall be healed". (Mark 5:28) 

We know her faith was strong because when she touched Jesus, Immediately He knew in Himself that power had gone out of Him and He turned around in the crowd  and asked, "Who touched My clothes?" (Mark 5:30)

Therefore infuse your action with faith.

And, to ensure that your faith will make your physical, mental, financial or social issue well, put that faith in the power of Jesus to change your situation.   

Therefore, do not start your new blog or friendship secretly believing that it will fail like all the others. 

Combine your strong outward actions with strong inner faith that this time you will succeed  because With God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

Prioritize Your Issues

The woman with the issue of blood had many issues.

Her issues or problems which are mentioned in Mark 5:25-29 included:
1. The medical issue which was the bleeding disorder that she had been suffering from for 12 years.

2. The financial issue since she had spent all her money looking for a cure.

3. The social issue since scholars tell us that she was an outcast because of her bleeding disease.  

Despite having these issues and others which may not have been mentioned, this woman teaches us a very important lesson of prioritizing issues. 

We see this because when she met Jesus she said, "If I touch His garments, I shall be healed". (Mark 5:28)

Her main intention was to be healed and it was wise one because her sickness was the source of all her other problems.

Therefore if you are dealing with multiple problems, do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed and give up on life because you have suffered for many years. 

Write down all your problems and prioritize them. 
Make your number 1 problem the one that is contributing to all the other problems in your life like this woman's sickness. This number 1 issue can also be the one that brings you the most grief or stress.

After you have prioritized your problems, begin working on your number 1 issue holistically by combining spiritual, verbal, physical and mental means to solve it.

For example if your number 1 issue is lack of money:
* solve it spiritually by praying
* solve it verbally by making positive money confession
* solve physically by working 
* solve it mentally by thinking and believing wealthy thoughts  

What are you saying to yourself?

The Bible tells us that the woman with the issue of blood said, "If I touch His garments, I shall be healed". (Mark 5:28)

It is remarkable that this woman was still able to use the words, "I shall be healed" on herself because she had suffered for 12 years with her bleeding disease and suffered many things from many doctors as they all tried to treat her and yet her condition continued deteriorating.

However the fact that she kept believing that she could be healed despite all what she went through should challenge us to keep our faith alive regardless of what we have been going through so that we can See the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13) 

Another lesson that this woman teaches us is that what we say to ourselves is more important than what people say to us. 

This woman did not parrot to herself the words of the specialists who had been unsuccessfully treating her for all those years. She spoke life giving words to herself. 

Therefore since the Bible tells us that The worlds were framed by the word of God (Hebrews 11:3), let us use our words to frame our world. 

By this I mean that we should speak words that can create the world that we want. So be your own prophet and declare that:
"I shall be healed"
"I shall get a job"
"I shall prosper"
"I shall get married"
"I shall get children" 
or whatever it is that you want even if you have been trying to get it for the past 12 years.

As you frame your world with your words, anchor the changing of your circumstances to the Lord Jesus Christ just like this woman who believed that touching Jesus would heal her because He has the power.

Therefore, rephrase your affirmations to:
"I shall be healed because with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)"
"I shall get a job because with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)"
"I shall prosper because with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)"
"I shall get married because with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)"
"I shall get children because with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)

Anchoring your hope to the Lord Jesus Christ also makes your affirmations more believable and strengthens your faith especially if you have been suffering with a disease, unemployment, poverty, unwanted singlehood, childlessness or any other seemingly hopeless condition for a long time. 

Ignore the Naysayers

There are some situations in life when you have to ignore what people are saying so that you can get what you want.

The Woman with the Issue of Blood
The first example that we see of this is the women with the issue of blood because if she had listened to what people were saying she would not have been healed of her condition.

The Bible tells us that this woman had suffered because of her bleeding disease for 12 years. 

She had also suffered many things from many doctors as they as they tried new medications and procedures to stop her bleeding.

She had also suffered from being broke as she had spent all her money looking for a cure.

She had also suffered as she watched her condition worsening despite all her efforts. (Mark 5:25-29)

However, if this woman had taken to heart the medical reports from all those specialists who had treated her for all those years she would never have been cured of her condition.

I do not mean that you should not listen to your doctors if you are sick. 

What I mean is that you should listen to them and follow the treatment recommendations that they suggest. 

BUT, if they tell you that your condition is incurable and you really want to be healed, you have to believe the Bible which says that you can be healed more than you believe the doctors who are telling you that you cannot be healed.

This situation does not only apply to medicine. It can apply to all areas of your life. 

Therefore regardless of if the situation that you have suffered with for many years is 
* physical (e.g. sickness)
* mental (e.g. stress)
* emotional (e.g. abuse)
* financial (e.g. career)
* relational (e.g. marriage) 
* legal (e.g. court cases) 
always put more faith in the Word of God than in the words of the people around you telling you that your condition cannot be resolved.

Always put more faith in the Word of God than in the words of people

Awesome Bible Verses as Spiritual Warfare Prayers to Fight Danger

Awesome Bible Verses can be used as Spiritual Warfare Prayers to Fight Danger especially if you have been facing unusual dangerous situations. These challenges can include sudden insecurity at your residence or your friends turning into frenemies for no apparent reason and planning to harm your life.

Awesome Bible Verses that you can use as Spiritual Warfare Prayers to fight Danger include Psalm 140:1-2 which says:
Deliver me, O Lord my God, from evil men and preserve me from violent men who plan evil things in their hearts. 

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