How to Get What What You Need

The Bible tells us Give and it shall be given back to you, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing. (Luke 6:38)

We can therefore extrapolate the principle of Give What You Need from this Bible verse and we can see it in action from the following examples in the Bible. 

Give and it shall be given back to you, a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing Luke 6:38

The Widow and Elijah

The story of Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:8-16 shows us this principle of Give What You Need.

We can see that when there was a drought in Israel, God told Elijah to go to Zarephath as he had commanded a widow to provide for him, when he arrived at the gate of the city, he found her gathering sticks. He asked her to bring him a little water in a cup to drink and as she was going to get it, he also asked her for a morsel of bread. 

The widow replied and told  him, "I do not have bread.  I only have a handful of flour in a bin and a little oil in a jar and I am gathering sticks so that I can prepare it for myself and my son so that we can eat i and die." (1 Kings 17:12)

Elijah said to her, "Do not fear, go and do as you have said but first make a small cake and bring it to me and then make some for you and your son. For thus says the Lord God: 'The bin of flour shall not be used up nor shall the jar of oil run dry until the day the Lord sends rain.'(1 Kings 17:13-14)

The widow went away and did what Elijah had said and she, him and her household ate fro many days. The bin of flour was not used up and the jar of oil did not run dry according to the Word of God which He spoke through Elijah. (1 Kings 17:16)

From this incident we can see that the Widow and her son needed food because when she met Elijah she was going to prepare their last meal.

However, she gave Elijah what she needed which was food for she prepared a cake for him before she prepared for her son and herself. Therefore give what you need even from your meagre resources.

The second lesson we learn from this story is that you should continue giving because this Widow, Elijah and her household ate for many days(1 Kings 17:15) Thus we can see that she did not just feed Elijah once, she kept feeding him for many days and that contributed to her miracle.

God was sustaining her flour and her oil because she was feeding Elijah. Had she stopped feeding Elijah, them who knows, maybe her oil and flour would have dried up.

Therefore if you are in a drought situation, consult God and find out which Prophet or Servant of God you should give what you need and give it to them.

However, once you have given once, continue giving if you do not want your miracle to dry up.

We can also see that her continuous giving also resulted in her receiving a second miracle of her son being restored to life. (1 Kings 17:17-24)

This story also teaches us that we have to stand on The Promises of God which are in the Bible. 

Therefore go through your Bible and find the Promises of God which pertain to your drought situation and stand on them as you continue giving and believing for your miracle from God.
The Promises of God

Cornelius and Peter

The story of Cornelius and Peter in Acts 10: 1- also shows us this principle of Give What You Need.

Cornelius was an Italian Centurion who gave alms generously and Always prayed to God. (Acts 10:2) One day as he was praying in the 9th hour, he way a vision of an Angel of God coming to him. The Angel told him, Your prayers and alms have come up as a memorial before God. (Acts 10:4)  

God then told him to send men to Joppa and send for Simon Peter. As his servants were travelling to Joppa, God was speaking to Simon Peter who was on praying in the 6th hour. Peter also saw a vision and in which he was told, "What God has cleansed  you must not call common." (Acts 10:15)

While Peter was still thinking about the vision he had seen, God's Spirit told him to go with the three  men who were looking for him. He went with them to Cornelius' house and he preached the Good News about Jesus and as he was doing so, the Holy Spirit fell on those who were present and they spoke in tongues and magnified God. In addition those present were also baptized with water. (Acts 10:44-48)

This preaching of Simon Peter in the house of Cornelius was a miracle because as Simon Peter said, it is Unlawful for a Jewish man to keep company with or visit someone of another nation. (Acts 10:28) 

However God had stepped in and shown Simon Peter a vision 3 times whose message was what God has cleansed he should not call unclean and thus he had no choice but to obey God and go to the house of Cornelius who was a gentile - an Italian centurion.

In addition to Simon Peter being a Jew, he was also the man Jesus Christ left the Church and therefore he was not just a regular man. He was an important person but he had to break the protocol and traditions because of the visions and God's Spirit telling him to go to Cornelius house. 

Furthermore, God visited them and Poured out the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:44) in the home of Cornelius the Gentile.

Thus we can see that Cornelius Always prayed to God (Acts 10:2) and in return he received an abundance of Prayers in his own home. Prayers from Simon Peter and God pouring out his Holy Spirit as well as being baptized.

Therefore if you are believing for a move of God in your life, do not pray once, Always prayed to God (Acts 10:2) and Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

God Questions you should Ask Yourself

A God Question is a question that God asks a persons not because He does not know the answer. 

It seems that God asks that question to trigger some sort of self-evaluation and see if the person knows the true answer. 

God asked Adam"Where are you?(Genesis 3:9)

When God asked Adam this question, he and Eve were still physically living in the Garden of Eden but they had just eaten the forbidden fruit. God asked this question to see if Adam knew where he was spiritually?

Therefore today ask yourself, "Where are you spiritually?" 

God asked Balaam "Who are these men with you?(Numbers 22:9)

These men that God was talking about had been sent by King Balak to get Balaam to go and curse the Israelites. God already knew who they were but he wanted to be sure that Balaam also knew who he was dealing with.  

Therefore today ask yourself "Who are those people in your house?" Do you know their motives?

Jesus asked the disciples, " "Where is your faith?(Luke 8:25)

The disciples were in a boat with Jesus when He fell asleep and a windstorm begun which caused their boat to fill with water. Their lives were in danger and when they woke Jesus up by saying, "Master, Master, we are perishing!", Jesus rebuked the wind and water and responded to the disciples by asking them, "Where is your faith?"

Therefore if you are in a situation that you entered with Jesus but you are now about to drown in problems,instead of panicking ask yourself "Where is your faith?"

God asked Job the following God Questions:
Do you know when God dispatches them and causes the light of His cloud to shine?
Do you know how the clouds are balanced, those wondrous works of Him Who is perfect in knowledge?
Why are your garments hot when He quiets the earth by the south wind?
Have you spread out the skies strong as a cast metal mirror? (Job 37:15-18)

These questions can help put get the right perspective of God so that you can talk to Him the right way as you Present your Case to Him.

Christian Stress Management Gift Ideas

Christian Stress Management Gift Ideas

The following is a compilation of Christian stress management gifts that can help you cope with a stressful situation.

Christian Music
Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. (Psalm 100:4) 

Being in the presence of God is the best place to be in when you are dealing with a stressful situation. 

Listening to soothing Christian instrumental music can also help you relax and soothe a troubled mind the way it did for King Saul. 

Music is also a powerful spiritual warfare weapon which can help you solve the problems that are stressing you.

Therefore buy Christian praise and worship music CDs and MP3s so that you can usher yourself in the presence of God when you are dealing with a stressful situation. 
Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. (Psalm 100:4)

Christian Comedy
A merry heart is as good as medicine. (Proverbs 17:22) 

Laughter is also a very effective relaxation technique.

Therefore make yourself smile through your stressful situation by watching Christian comedy DVDs or reading clean joke books.
A merry heart is as good as medicine. (Proverbs 17:22)

Aromatherapy Essential Oils
Ointments and perfumes delight the heart. (Proverbs 27:9) 

Therefore delight your heart in the middle of your stressful situation by using aromatherapy essential oils. Lavender essential oil is a great choice since it has been proven by medical studies to aid relaxation. Click here to learn how to use aromatherapy for stress management.

You can also buy home spa gifts baskets with scented bath salts, body lotions and other bath and body products with lavender and other relaxing essential oils like Roman Chamomile. Use these aromatic products to indulge in a relaxing spa party in the privacy of your home. 
Ointments and perfumes delight the heart. (Proverbs 27:9)

Christian Meditation CDs
Meditate within your heart on your bed and be still. (Psalm 4:4) 

Meditation is a very effective relaxation technique because it has been shown to reduce tension and other effects of stress on the body.

Meditating on Bible verses has extra benefits since it can help you break negative thought patterns that are contributing to the stressful situation because The sword of the spirit is the word of God. (Ephesians 6:17) 

Therefore buy Christian meditation CDs and MP3s and schedule time to meditate on relaxing Bible verses like Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: Is there anything too hard for me? (Jeremiah 32:27)
Meditate within your heart on your bed and be still. (Psalm 4:4)

The Bible
All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and instructing in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16) 

Therefore buy a Bible and read it so that you can teach, instruct and correct yourself about the issues that may be contributing to your stressful situation. The comfort provided by the Word of God can also help you cope better with your stressful situation.
All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and instructing in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16)

Come to me all of you who labor and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can help you cope with a stress because He cares for you(1 Peter 5:7), He can sustain you through it (Psalm 55:22) and Jesus is the Best Stress Management Therapist 

Therefore come to Jesus by saying with your mouth that "Jesus is Lord" and believing in your heart that He rose from the dead when He died and you will be saved. (Romans 10:9) 

After getting saved, develop your relationship by talking to Him about your problems each day in prayer and reading your Bible every day.
Come to me all of you who labor and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

Christian Stress Management Books
My people perish because of lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) 

Therefore get knowledge so that you do not perish from the effects of the stressful situation by reading Christian stress management books like Rules of Relaxation. 
My people perish because of lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

How to know and fulfill your life's purpose

How to Turn Curses into Blessing

How to Turn Curses into Blessing

When the Israelites camped on the plains of Moab across from Jericho on the other side of the River Jordan, they invited trouble because they were about to enter their Promised Land.
This trouble came from King Balak of Moab who had heard what the Israelites had done to the Amorites for they had defeated them in battle and taken possession of their land. (Numbers 21:21-26, Numbers 22:2)

The Israelites were also a threat because they were many in number (Numbers 22:3) and the Moabites were scared they would take possession of everything around them the way An ox licks up grass in the field. (Numbers 22:4)
As a result, King Balak sought to fight the Israelites spiritually because they were too many physically and they had already demonstrated their prowess in physical battles. He therefore, sent for Balaam to curse them.

King Balak had a lot of faith in Balaam's ability to curse the Israelites for he said to him, "I know that the person you bless is blessed and the one you curse is cursed." (Numbers 22:6) 

However, even though Balaam was consulted to curse the Israelites he ended up blessing them abundantly and we glean a few tips on how to turn curses into blessings. 
When Balaam was on the way to meet with King Balak, God sent His Angel to deal with Balaam and ensure that he would only utter the words God gave him when he met Balak. (Numbers 22:22-35)
Therefore pray and ask God to help you and send His Angels to protect you from those who may be trying to curse you even if you do not know about them because chances are that the Israelites were not aware of the dealings between King Balak and Balaam. 

Balaam's First Prophecy
Balaam asked King Balak to build 7 altars and prepare a sacrifice of 7 bulls and 7 rams for each altar. He then went to meet with God and he was given the following words:

King Balak has brought me from Aram to curse and denounce the Israelites. 
But how shall I curse whom God has not cursed? 
How shall I denounce whom the Lord has not denounced?

From the top of the rocks I see the Israelites dwelling alone and not reckoning themselves among the nations. 
Who can count the dust of Jacob or number the Israelites? 
Let me die the death of the righteous and let my end be like theirs. (Numbers 23:8-10)

King Balak was furious and he said to Balaam, "I took you to curse my enemies but you have blessed them bountifully." (Numbers 23:11) In response, Balaam said, "Must I not speak what the Lord has put in my mouth?" (Numbers 23:8-12)

Live Right
Balaam had been consulted to curse the Israelites and King Balak had prepared a large sacrifice to ensure it was done but God put a word in Balaam's mouth because in his first oracle he asked, “How shall I curse whom God has not cursed? 
How shall I denounce whom the Lord has not denounced?” (Numbers 23:8)

This shows that even if your enemy's intention is to curse you if God Himself has not cursed you, it is hard to curse you.

This is reinforced by Balaam's second oracle where God also put a word in his mouth and he declared, God has blessed them and I cannot reverse it. (Numbers 23:20)

Therefore to avoid being cursed and to help turn your curses into blessings, decide to do the right things in the sight of God and to avoid doing the things that God hate for Balaam also declared "God has not seen any sin in the Israelites and He has not seen wickedness in them." (Numbers 23:21)
How to please God

Balaam's Second Prophecy
King Balak did not give up on cursing the Israelites and he then took Balaam to a field of Zophim from where he could see the outer part of the Israelites and told him to curse them from there. He also built another 7 altars and offered a bull and a ram on each altar.

However, Balaam's second oracle was as follows:

Rise up and listen Balak son of Zippor! 
God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should repent.
Has he said and will He not do?
Or has He spoken and will He not fulfill it?

Behold I have received a command to bless and God has blessed them and I cannot reverse it.

God has not seen any sin in the Israelites and He has not seen wickedness in them.
The Lord God is with him and the shout of a king is among them.
God has brought them from Egypt and He is as strong as a wild ox.

For there is no sorcery against Jacob and no divination against Israel.
It must now be said of the Israelites, "Oh, what has God done!
Look a people rise like a lioness and lifts themselves up like a lion, 
They shall not lie down until they devour the prey and drink the blood of the slain."
(Numbers 23:16-24)

King Balak was very annoyed and he told Balaam not to curse or bless the Israelites but Balaam responded by saying that he would do all that God said.

Stand on God’s Promises
In his second oracle, God put a word in Balaam’s mouth about Him honoring his promises for He said, “God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should repent. Has he said and will He not do? Or has He spoken and will He not fulfill it?” (Numbers 23:19)

This implied that God had promised to give the Israelites their Promised Land and if He had said it, He would do it.

Balaam was therefore telling King Balak that the Israelites were going to possess their Promised Land because it was God who had spoken the word and He would fulfill it for He says, “I watch over my word to perform it.” (Jeremiah 1:12)

Therefore if you are dealing with curses in a certain area of your life, stand on the Promises of God that deal with that aspect of your life.
The Promises of God

Draw Near to God
In his second oracle, God put a word in Balaam’s mouth in which he said, “The Lord God is with him.” (Numbers 23:21) 

Therefore Draw near to God and He will draw near to you (James 4:8) so that He can protect you like He did the Israelites.

How to draw near to God

Balaam's Third Prophecy
King Balak was persistent and he took Balaam to another place, the top of Peor hoping that it would please God to curse the Israelites from there. (Numbers 23:27) He also built another 7 altars and offered sacrifices of a bull and ram on each altar.

When Balaam saw that it pleased God to bless the Israelites, he did not try to use witchcraft as before and so he set his face towards the wilderness and when the Spirit of God came upon him he uttered the following words:

The words of Balaam the son of Beor,
The man whose eyes are opened and who hears the words of God
Who sees the vision of God and falls down with eyes wide open.

How lovely are your dwellings Israel!
Like extensive valleys and gardens by the riverside, 
Like aloes planted by the Lord and cedars growing beside the waters.
He shall pour water from his buckets and his seed shall be in many waters.

His kingdom shall be higher than Agag and it shall be exalted.
God brings him out of Egypt and he has the strength of a wild ox.

He shall consume the nations who are his enemies and break their bones and pierce them with his arrows.
He bows down and lies down like a lion and who shall arouse him?
Blessed is the one who blesses you and cursed is the one who curses you. (Numbers 24:5-9)

Then King Balak became angry and he told Balaam, "I called you to curse my enemies and you have blessed them abundantly three times!" (Numbers 24:10) He also told him that he would have greatly honored him but God had kept back that honor from him.

Balaam responded by saying that Did I not tell your messengers that if you were to give me your house full of silver and gold I would not go beyond God's word for good or evil on my own will. (Numbers 24:13) 

Let God Lead You
Balaam’s third oracle was actually a prophecy because he begun by saying, The man whose eyes are opened, who hears the words of God, who sees the vision of God and falls down with eyes wide open. (Numbers 24:3-4)

He then went on and prophesied a great future for the Israelites who he saw were like Like aloes planted by the Lord and cedars growing beside the waters.

Therefore to avoid curses and possibly turn curses into blessings, let God lead you and plant you where He wants. 

God had brought the Israelites from Egypt and planted them by the Moab plains and no amount of curses were going to stop them from entering their Promised Land because it was God Who was going to help them possess it.

I Am Who I Am - A Consuming Fire

When God described Himself to Moses, He said, "I Am Who I Am". (Deuteronomy 4:14)

I Am Who I Am can mean different things to different people because we can see from the Bible that God reveals himself to people in the way they can understand Him. 

For example when He was talking to the Israelites in the wilderness after delivering them from Egypt, Moses told the 
Israelites not to forget the Lord's covenant and make carved images because The Lord your God is a consuming fire. (Deuteronomy 4:24)

God even came to the foot of the mountain and The mountain burned with fire to the midst of heaven. (Deuteronomy 4:24)

Moses also told them, "The Lord God talked with you face to face on the mountain from the middle of the fire." (Deuteronomy 5:4-5)

God revealed Himself to the Israelites as a consuming fire when He gave them the 10 commandments. Click the link to read The 10 Commandments

By speaking to them from the middle of the fire, the Israelites acknowledged that God has shown us His glory and His greatness. (Deuteronomy 5:24) 

Speaking to the Israelites from the middle of the fire when He was giving them the 10 Commandments and in so doing revealing his greatness and His glory, suggests that God expected them to take His Commandments seriously.  

This was in contrast with other times when God appeared to the Israelites at the entrance of the Tabernacle of the Meeting. 

This consuming fire also made the Israelties afraid and they asked Moses to be their mediator and tell them what God had said. Being afraid of God was also more likely to increase their chances of obeying the 10 Commandments. 

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