Christian Prosperity Principles: Part 1

God wants you to prosper.

Beloved, I wish that you may prosper in all things and be in good health just as your soul prospers. (3 John 2:2)

If you are still doubting whether God wants you to prosper, here is another Scripture:

Blessed be God Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant(Psalm 35:27)

So what exactly is prosperity?
Prosperity is flourishing financially, spiritually, physically and in all other ways. 

And how does someone prosper?
There are several things that we can learn from people in the Bible who flourished in many different ways.

One of these things that people who prospered did was to give Gratitude to God.

We can see that when Jesus had only had 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed 5000 men, Jesus took the bread, gave thanks and distributed it. (John 6:11)

So if you are facing lack in any situation, give thanks to God for what you already have instead of complaining to people about what you do not have. 

Then, make the best use of what you have as you continue praying to God to fill all your needs. 

How to Overcome Opposition: Part 2

Cyrus is another example of a person from the Bible who God helped overcome opposition because He was doing His work. 

We can see that God promised to precede Cyrus and destroy all opposition for He said: 
'I will go before you and make the crooked paths straight,
I will break in pieces bronze gates and
I will cut the iron bars. (Isaiah 45:2)

Therefore if you want the mountains standing in your path to be mowed down 
and the valleys depressing you to be leveled 
and the bronze gates erected to bar your progress broken down 
and the iron bars created to curtail your advancement cut,
continue doing the work of God. 

How to Overcome Opposition: Part 1

Are you facing stiff opposition as you try to do the work of God?

If you are, understand that one big way of having the opposition you are facing removed from your face is to continue working in the midst of the opposition.

We can see this from Gideon who was found by an Angel of the Lord threshing wheat in a winepress. (Judges 6:11) 

Wheat was supposed to be threshed on a threshing floor which was a wide open space as seen in the image below from Wikimedia

This was the ideal place for Gideon to accomplish his work of threshing wheat.

However, Gideon had to thresh his wheat in a winepress which was a small constricted place as seen below in the image from Wikimedia

The Bible tells us that Gideon threshed wheat in the winepress so that he could hide it from the Midianites. (Judges 6:11) This was due to the fact that when the Israelites planted crops the Midianites would come together with the Amalekites and other people from the East to destroy their produce and leave them with nothing. (Judges 6:1-5)

Now that he had some wheat to thresh, Gideon could not do it in the ideal place, the wide open threshing floor and so he had to do where he could not be seen.

From looking at the two photos above, you can understand why the Angel of the Lord called Gideon a Mighty man of valor! (Judges 6:12)

Therefore, if you are working in "restricted winepress conditions" and you would really love to work in "unlimited threshing floor conditions", continue serving God faithfully right in the middle of your "restricted winepress conditions".

Do not stop working or start complaining because of all the hard problems that are surrounding you.

Continue serving God and working as you pray and believe that He can transform your circumstances and enable you to work with peace on all sides without a single problem in sight. 

We see that God did help Gideon and the Israelites to defeat the Midianites (Judges 7:22) and thus the Israelites were able to thresh their wheat in a threshing floor without being afraid of the Midianites. 

This lesson correlates with testimonies you may have heard of ministers who were sick or facing other big problems as they were doing the work of God but when they prayed and continued serving God with their limitations, they received healings and other miraculous solutions to their problems. 

Therefore my brothers and sisters, decide that you will continue serving God faithfully in the midst of your "restricted winepress conditions" as you believe Him for "unlimited threshing floor conditions".   

Lessons from the Widow of Zarephath: Part 4

The fourth lesson that we can learn from the Widow of Zarephath is that we must obey the word that God speaks to us through His servants.

We see that when Elijah told her to first bake a cake for him from the little flour that she had before she used it to make food for her son or herself, She went and did as per Elijah's instructions. (1 Kings 17:15)

The result of her obedience was that Elijah, her son and herself ate for many days for the bin of flour was not used up and the jar of oil did not run dry. (1 Kings 17:15) 

Therefore if a true servant of God tells you to do something, obey him because we are advised to Believe in God and you shall be established. Believe His prophets and you shall prosper. (2 Chronicles 20:20) 

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Lessons from the Widow of Zarephath: Part 3

Another lesson we can learn from the Widow of Zarephath is that if we are facing a life and death situation, instead of preparing to die, we should prepare to live by giving to God.

We can that when the Widow told Elijah about her problem of having only enough food to prepare one meal for her son and herself before they died, he told her, "Do not be afraid.
First go and make a small cake and bring it to me. 
Then, make some for yourself and your son. 
For thus says the Lord, 'The bin of flour shall not be used up and the jar of oil shall not run dry until the day the Lord sends rain.' (1 Kings 17:12) 

The Bible tells us that She went and did as per Elijah's instructions and she, Elijah and her household ate for many days. 
The bin of flour was not used up and the jar of oil did not run dry according to the word of the Lord which He had spoken by Elijah. (1 Kings 17:15) 

Thus we can see that instead of eating her last flour and dying, she gave part of it to a servant of God and lived.

Likewise, if you are in a similar life and death situation, do not eat your last dollar and prepare to die.

Instead of preparing to die by spending all your last coins on yourself, prepare to live by heeding the instructions that Elijah gave the Widow of Zarephath:
1. Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid because God knows your case.

2. Take a small cake to a servant of God
Take a small portion of your last dollar and give it to someone you see serving God. If you do not know which servant of God to give to, just ask God. 

After giving pray and ask God to bless your seed Give back to you a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing (Luke 6:38) the way He did for the poor widow for her Bin of flour was not used up and the jar of oil did not run dry. (1 Kings 17:15) 

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How to Fight Opposition with Bible Verses

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