God Uses Imperfect People

Has God been asking you to do something for Him yet you have been dismissing yourself because of your imperfections? 

Have you been wondering “Who am I that God should use me?” 

If so, understand that God uses imperfect and insignificant people to achieve His perfect and significant plans if they cooperate with Him.

God used Gideon (Judges 6-7) who was threshing wheat while hiding in a winepress to lead an army of just 300 to defeat Israel’s enemies who were as numerous as locusts. 

This was the Gideon who said he was unqualified to save Israel because his clan was the weakest and he was the least important person in his father’s house. However, God already knew this when He chose him as Commander in Chief and He promised to be with him.

Therefore don’t let your low self esteem or low socio-economic status or any other problems you may be facing stop you doing God bidding. Understand that when you are low or weak, then God is strong on your behalf and let Him work on you and on your weaknesses as you work on His job and fulfill your life's purpose. 

Recognize also that Gideon’s fear did not flee overnight. He kept asking God for signs and God kept providing them until the point when Gideon truly believed that he could do it and he went and did it with God’s help.

God also used Moses who looked at his qualifications and present life situation as a shepherd in a desert and asked God who he was that he should tell Pharaoh to release the Israelites. (Exodus 3:11) 

Moses also told God that he wasn't an eloquent speaker as he stammered but God knew this when He chose Him and He promised He’d be with him, help him speak and teach him what to say. (Exodus 4:10)

Therefore, don’t disqualify yourself because you lack qualifications to do the job God is calling you to do. God’s presence in your life is all the qualifications you need to fulfill His purposes for your life.

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Why Jonah was such a perfect preacher despite is imperfections

Simon Peter
Jesus used Simon Peter to lead His Church after His ascension to Heaven despite Simon denying Him three times. (Luke 22:54-62) 

Therefore, even if you have made many mistakes, don’t write yourself off because God has not written you off. Repent and He will restore you and use you just as He restored and used Simon Peter. (John 21:15-17)

In conclusion, cooperate with God by believing that He knows what He put in you when He created you and don’t disqualify yourself from fulfilling your life's purpose because of your real or perceived flaws or because of other people’s opinions (true or false) of your capabilities or lack thereof. 

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