How to Stop Wearing Yourself Down with Worry

How to Stop Wearing Yourself Down with Worry

Are you physically, mentally or emotionally worn out because of worrying? 

If you are, understand you don't have to be regardless of your problems because all you have to do is to heed the Bible for it says, Cast your cares upon Him because He cares for You. (1 Peter 5: 7)

The Bible also urges you to humble yourself under the Mighty Hand of God so that He may lift you up in due time and then cast all your cares, concerns and worries on Him because He cares for you.

Therefore, humble yourself before God by fasting and then tell Him all your worries and the tribulations in your family, finances, ministry, job and other facets of your life because He cares for you. 

After telling Him your worries, ask Him to help you solve them and then After telling Him your problems, cast them from your mind into His Mighty Hand because He can handle them. Heave them and then leave them there for Him to solve.

Another reason to cast your cares to the Lord and leave them in His Mighty Hand is so that He can sustain you (Psalm 55: 22) in the stressful situation for this is the best way to stop worries from wearing you down until you develop stress related illnesses.

As you do this casting of worries to God in prayer, understand that the Bible does not say “Cast your burdens and then catch them back”. Therefore, after you have dislodged them from your mind, let them lodge in the Lord's Mighty Hand and continue living purposefully even if the problems have not been resolved. 

Decide to lay them down once and for all in His Capable Hand and let Him deal with them so that you can erase the worries from your mind, de-wrinkle your brow and sleep soundly at night.

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