Psalm 9 Devotional

Psalm 9 Devotional

Are you stressed because your enemies have taken elaborate steps to eliminate you?

If you are take heart because
In the net which they hid, their foot is caught.
The Lord is known by the judgement He executes.
The wicked is trapped by the works of his own hands. (Psalm 9:5-16) 

The Psalm 57 Psalmist also says: 
They have prepared a net for my steps;
My soul is bowed down:
They have digged a pit before me,
Into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. (Psalm 57:6) 

We can also see a good example of this after the Israelites left Egypt and Pharaoh and his army caught up with them as they were camping by the Red Sea. 

The Israelites' soul was bowed down and they cried out to God and though the Egyptians may have thought that they had trapped the Israelites with the Red Sea that was infront of them, God made the Egyptians fall into the midst of it themselves. 

The Bible tells us that God looked down and troubled the Egyptian army. He took off the wheels of their chariots (Exodus 14:24-25) and when they realized that God was fighting them and tried to flee, He told Moses to stretch his hand over the sea and the waters covered Pharaoh's entire army. (Exodus 14:28)  

So God destroyed the Egyptians in the midst of the Red Sea. (Exodus 14:27) 

Therefore if your powerful enemies have set "humanly foolproof" plans to trap you, cry up to God in prayer and ask Him to look down on your problems. 

Then continue doing what He has called you to do as you trust that He will save you using any of His numerous methods. 

If their plans make you afraid, remind yourself that God is known by the judgement which He executes for the wicked is trapped by the works of his own hands. (Psalm 9:16)    

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