How to Pray Effectively

How to Pray Effectively
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Mpesa Ebooks

To buy our ebooks by Mpesa:
1. Send Ksh 300 for each ebook to 0721 963 156 
2. SMS the title of the ebook and your email address and we will send the PDF ebook to your email address.

PDF Ebooks you can buy with Mpesa include:
How to Fight a Foul Mouth with Bible Verses
How to Fight Being Single with Bible Verses
How to Fight Discouragement with Bible Verses
How to Fight for your Health with Bible Verses
How to Fight for your Job with Bible Verses
How to Fight for your Marriage with Bible Verses
How to Fight Infertility with Bible Verses

Christian Emotional Healing
Devices of the Devil
How to Serve the Body of Christ
Psalm 91 Bible Study

Aromatherapy for Anger Management
Aromatherapy for Anxiety
Aromatherapy for Depression
Aromatherapy for Fatigue
Aromatherapy for Fear
Aromatherapy for Romance
Aromatherapy for Stress

Natural Chronic Pain Treatment

African American Home Decor
African Home Decor
Anti-Depression Home Decor
Anti-Stress Home Decor
Asian Home Decor
Beach Home Decor
Budget Home Decor
Caribbean Home Decor
Chocolate Home Decor
Christian Home Decor
Detoxifying Home Decor
French Home Decor
Indian Home Decor
Organic Home Decor
Romantic Home Decor
Scent-sational Home Decor
Spa Home Decor

Gift Ideas to Help Couples Bond
How to Make a Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Easy Chocolate Recipes

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