Matthew 14 Bible Study: Have more faith in God than in your storm

Matthew 14 Bible Study: Have more faith in God than in your storm

When Jesus told Peter, “Come” and he left the boat walking on the water going towards Him, Peter became afraid when he saw that the wind was boisterous and he begun to sink. He then cried out to Jesus saying, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus responded by stretching out His hand, catching him and asking him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:29-31)

Peter was walking on the water when the wind was being boisterous and he stopped walking and started sinking when he saw the boisterous wind.
Peter was a fisherman and he knew what the wind could do to him. The boisterous wind had also reminded him that evening of what it could do to him when it was tossing him and the other disciples in their boat. Chances are that as he looked at it when he was outside the boat, his heart sunk within him as he remembered its power and then he himself begun to sink in the water.
Therefore if you are suffering from a problem that you understand in great detail, do not let your faith in the problem’s ability to destroy you surpass your faith in God’s ability to save you.
Emulate the woman with the bleeding disease because her faith in Jesus’ ability to heal her was more than her faith in her disease’s ability to kill her. 

We know this because she had bled for 12 years and suffered many things from many doctors as they tried to treat her and she had spent all her money looking for a cure and her condition continued to worsen but she still said to herself, “If I touch his garment I shall be made whole” and when she touched it, she was healed and Jesus said to her, “Your faith has made you well.” (Mark 5:25-34)
Therefore know that for your faith to make you well and to keep you from sinking in your storm, you have to keep it above the doubts that may arise because of the things you know your storm or condition can do to you.


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