Art Therapy for Dealing with Depression

Art Therapy for Dealing with Depression

Art Therapy for Dealing with Depression

Art therapy is a useful for treating depression because it enables a person to express their repressed feelings on paper, clay or whatever other medium of expression they choose to use. 

Art Therapy Projects

My current life situation

Express how you feel about your current life situation by creating an original work of art.
depression drawings for art therapy for depression

What stresses me

Create a work of art that depicts all the things that are stressing you.

Create in yellow

Using finger painting, create an original work of expressive art by using different shades of the cheering color yellow.

Dealing with Depression Holistically

To learn more read Dealing with Depression Holistically which teaches how to treat depression naturally with:
* Aromatherapy
* Art therapy
* Christian Bible therapy
* Chromotherapy
* Dance therapy
* Diet therapy
* Eco-therapy
* Exercise therapy
* Herbal therapy
* Home decor therapy
* Music therapy
* Phototherapy
* Relaxation therapy
* Self-Care therapy
* Self-Psychotherapy
* Social therapy
* Talk therapy
* Vitamin therapy
* Writing therapy

Dealing with Depression Holistically

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