Similarities between Pregnancy and Answered Prayers

Similarities between Pregnancy and Answered Prayers

There are several similarities between the waiting that a pregnant woman goes through before she delivers her baby and the waiting we may have to go through before our prayers are answered. These similarities teach us valuable lessons about how we should wait on God to answer our prayers.

It's a Supernatural Process
The first similarity is that answering prayers is a supernatural process just as pregnancy is a natural process and we cannot rush nature. 

The lesson here is that after we have prayed, fasted and done whatever we can, we just have to wait patiently for God’s perfect timing.

Sometimes Problems Crop Up

The second similarity is that sometimes problems pop up just after we have prayed just as a healthy woman suddenly develops persistent nausea and vomiting just after she conceives. 

The lesson here is that even if our situation worsens just after we pray over it, we should persevere believing that all will end well just like a pregnant woman perseveres through the morning sickness believing she will soon hold her bouncing baby in her arms. 

Therefore, wait expectantly and do not abort your prayers by doubting God since a skeptic should not suppose that they will receive anything from the Lord. (James 1:6-8)

Initial Signs May Not Resemble End Product

The third similarity between pregnancy and waiting for our prayers to be answered is that the initial positive signs of our answered prayers may not resemble what we have been praying for just like a pregnant woman’s bulging belly does not resemble the tiny tot she will deliver. 

The lesson here is that we should view these positive signs as proof that our answer is on the way and rejoice. Therefore, celebrate when you receive your first low paying, temporary job and view it as a sign that your prayer request of being debt free is on the way.


The fourth similarity is that you may have to do the really hard physical labor just before the answer to your prayers materializes just like a pregnant woman has to labor really hard in the labor ward just before her baby is born. You may also have to push through much pain to get the job done just as a pregnant woman has to push through pain to deliver her baby. 

Therefore, push through pain, pennilessness, and all other problems to do the physical work you need to get done to ensure you receive the answer to your prayers even if it means working overnight and on an empty stomach writing job applications before the job that is the answer to your prayers materializes.

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