Top Stress Relief Products and Tips

Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

The following are the top stress relief products that can help you relax and cope with stress better. 

These stress relief products also double up as unique gift ideas and birthday presents, Christmas day presents, Valentine's day presents, mother's day presents, father's day presents or "Just Because presents" for yourself or for someone who is stressed. 

Aromatherapy Products
Aromatherapy stress relief products contain essential oils known to have calming properties such us lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil. 

I recommend the Top 6 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Sampler Essential Oil Gift set because:
a) It contains all natural, therapeutic grade essential oils.
b) It contains lavender essential oil which is excellent for relaxation in addition to 5 other essential oils allowing you to experiment and discover what works best for you.
c) The packaging is appropriate for a gift either to yourself or to someone else
d) It has a pocket friendly price of less than $20 for 6 bottles each with 10ml of essential oils. 

Click here to read reviews on from people who bought and used this product. 

Stress relief tips: Drop three drops of lavender essential oil onto a cotton ball and put it in a plastic ziplock bag to carry in your bag and inhale whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed.

Bath and Body Products
Bath and body products are the perfect stress relief products since they enhance the naturally relaxing experience of a warm bath. Depending on your budget you can buy individual bath salts, bath gels, bath bomb or body lotions or buy a bath gift basket .

Stress management tips: Do not use your stress relief bath and body products every day. Keep them in a special box or drawer and use them when you have a stress related emergency so that they serve as a pleasant "surprise" at the end of a tough day.  

Biofeedback devices

Here is a biased list of the Christian books I have written on stress management. I recommend Managing Stress with the Word of God because:
a) it teaches you how to manage stress using Biblical principles 
b) it teaches you the medical relaxation techniques you can use to manage stress.

Stress relief tips: Buy a stress management book and incorporate one Biblical principle and one medical relaxation technique into your life each week until you have completely stress-proofed your life. 

Basking in candle light can calm frayed nerves at the end of a rough day. Aromatherapy candles with their soothing scents take the relaxation process to another levels as the inhaled scents work through the limbic system to help one exhale tension. 

I recommend the Aromatherapy Candles by Plantlife because:
a) they are scented with 100% pure essential oils including relaxing lavender.
b) they do not contain petrochemicals and therefore will not pollute your home and the environment. 
c) they are non-toxic and have cotton wicks
d) they are made by blending bayberry and soy waxes to produce a cleaner burning candle
e) they are packaged in attractive, brushed silver tins thus making them suitable presents.
f) the silver tins are unbreakable and reusable.

Stress relief tips: Burn one scented candle at your bedside, another one beside your relaxing chair and burn another scent while taking your aromatherapy baths.

Fidget toys

These can be either whole body massages, foot massages, scalp massages or back massages. You can offer to massage a loved one or give them a Spa Gift voucher. 

Gift the gift of soothing music to your stressed self or to a stressed out friend. 

Perfect examples of stress relieving music include: 
Christian praise and worship music
Spa music 

I recommend Days of Elijah because the awesome worship music never fails to move my focus from the stressful event and return it back to God and thus I am able to relax in the middle of the stress when I remember that God is still in control.

Stress management tips: Listen to calming Christian music every evening before you retire to help you unwind and unburden yourself so that you can sleep restfully.

Nature sounds
1. Nature sound CDs 
2. Download Sounds of Nature MP3s
3. A sound machine to lull you to sleep. I recommend the HoMedics Sound Spa Sound Machine because:
a) It comes programmed with 6 nature sounds 
b) You can program it to play for 15, 30 or 60 minutes meaning you can set it and go to sleep.
c) It is portable and thus you can carry it when you travel or move it from room to room depending on whoever needs to be lulled to sleep in your home.

Stress relief tips: Put on the sound machine or your nature sounds CDs when you begin to prepare to go to bed to set the ambiance of the room. E.g you can put it on when reading bedtime stories for your children and leave it on when you switch off the lights. 

Posters and Art Prints

Screen savers


Stress management tips: Watch these videos just before you begin your Christian visualization sessions and let the vivid pictures help you vividly feel the love, power and protection of God. 

Stress Relief Video

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