The Meaning of Jehovah Mikadishkim

The Meaning of Jehovah Mikadishkim

Jehovah Mikadishkim means The Lord Who Sanctifies.

This name of God can be traced to Leviticus 20 when God instructed Moses to teach the Israelites not to sacrifice to the false god Molech and not to consult mediums and familiar spirits. 

He also told them. "Consecrate yourselves and be holy because I am the Lord your God and keep my statues because I am the Lord who sanctifies you." (Leviticus 20:7-8)
Jehovah Mikadishkim from Leviticus 20:8 which is The Lord Who Sanctifies.

Therefore pray and address to Jehovah Mikadishim when you need Him to cleanse and sanctify you after praying to false gods, worshiping idols, consulting evil spirits, engaging in witchcraft, fortune telling, doing yoga, using tarot carots, playing with ouija boards or dealing with other gods, evil spirits or the occult in any other way.

You can also pray to Jehovah Mikadishkim to sanctify your home if you notice unusual happening in your home and you suspect someone has been using your property for these evil practices. 

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