The Meaning of Jehovah Roi

The meaning of Jehovah Roi

We learn about Jehovah Roi, the God Who Sees from Hagar.

Hagar was Sarai's Egyptian maidservant and she was basically powerless when it came to the decisions that affected her life. 

For example when Sarai wanted a child, she told Abram to get with Hagar and I doubt Hagar had any say in this matter. (Genesis 16:1-4) 

When Hagar became pregnant she made a mistake and begun to despise Sarai. (Genesis 16:4) Sarai dealt harshly with her and she fled and went to the wilderness.

God's Angel found her there and asked her where she was coming from and where she was going. Hagar told him she was fleeing from Sarai and the Angel told her to return and submit to Sarai.

The Angel also told her, "You are pregnant with a child and you shall give birth to a son and call him Ishmael because the Lord has heard your affliction.(Genesis 16:11)  

Hagar then called God You Are the God Who Sees (Genesis 16:13) or Jehovah Roi.
Jehovah Roi The God Who Sees Me Genesis 16:13

God Saw

We can see that God she was physically powerless over her circumstances for she was pregnant and all alone in the wilderness without a job, money, food and anyone to help her.

God Heard

God also heard about her problems for the Angel told her, "The Lord has heard your affliction.(Genesis 16:11)  

Therefore if you are in a similar situation where you are physically powerless over your circumstances because of any reason, know that you are not spiritually powerless because you can pray to God Who sees and hears the powerless.
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever Hebrews 13:8

At a later point in Hagar's life we can also see that God revealed himself once again as the God Who Sees and Hears.

This happened when Abraham sent her away with her son Ishmael after he scoffed at Isaac. Abraham gave them bread and a skin of water. (Genesis 21:14)

She left with her child and went to the Wilderness and when the water they had was finished, she placed the body a little distance from them for she did not want to see him die. (Genesis 21:16)

God Heard 
The Bible tells us that God heard the boy (Genesis 21:17) and His Angel called out to Hagar from Heaven and told her, "God has heard the voice of the lad". (Genesis 21:17) 

God Saw
God also saw her problems for they were facing death from thirst for He opened her eyes and she saw a well of water. She filled her container and gave her son a drink. (Genesis 21:19) 

Therefore regardless of the problems you are facing in your wilderness, do not despair because God sees and hears even those who are physically powerless over their circumstances. 

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