Christian Bloggers Beware

Christian bloggers beware

I am writing this blog post to warn Christian bloggers and other bloggers who post photos of themselves and their children online that it can be dangerous.

Posting photos online can be dangerous from the physical perspective but I am talking about the spiritual danger.
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I wrote this post on My Vitiligo Cure Testimony in July 2011 and I have unpublished it several times since then. 

I unpublished it because during those times I was facing very serious spiritual attacks and despite my prayers things were not improving. I therefore had to pray to find out why this was so and it was revealed to me that the attackers were using the pictures on my blog post to attack me. As a result, I had to immediately log in and unpublish the blog post before I could continue praying and with God's help, after doing that,  I was able to bring those attacks under control.

Therefore before you post pictures of yourself or your family and even your property online, please pray seriously and cover them with the Blood of Jesus just in case someone decides to use them to launch an attack on you or your family. 

In addition, if you have been praying for something and it is not improving, change the direction of your prayers and find out why it is not improving. 

As you wait to hear from God, read How to Pray Effectively to see if there is something that the Bibles says you should do for your prayers to be answered that you are not doing. 

How to pray effectively

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