My Vitiligo Cure Testimony

My Vitiligo Cure Testimony

July 2016 Testimony Update
This Vitiligo Cure Testimony blog post was initially published on July 2011, unpublished several times due to This Reason and I felt I should republish it today in July 2016 to give glory to God and because They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. (Revelation 12:11)
They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. (Revelation 12:11)

I am writing this article to encourage anyone with vitiligo or any other autoimmune disease like systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, Sjorgren syndrome, type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Grave’s disease, Addison’s disease, alopecia areata, pernicious anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and celiac disease.

What is Vitiligo?
Vitiligo is the skin disease that Michael Jackson was said to be suffering from. It is a skin disorder in which white patches develop on the skin. 

It affects all races but it is obviously more noticeable, and I would assume more distressing, on persons of African descent with skin of color and especially the darker skin types IV to VI.

The exact cause of vitiligo is not known but it is suspected to be an autoimmune disease.

What are Autoimmune Diseases?
Autoimmune diseases are those diseases in which the body’s immune system attacks its own cells. In other words, the body's defense system attacks the cells it is supposed to protect from harmful invaders. 

In the case of vitiligo, these “rebel” immune cells attack cells called melanocytes which are responsible for producing the pigment that gives skin its color. As a result white patches appear on different parts of the body.

The treatment of most autoimmune diseases therefore involves controlling the body’s immune response by using immunosuppressive medications. Examples include corticosteroid tablets like prednisone which is taken by mouth and corticosteroid creams like betamethasone which are applied on the skin. Other immunosuppresives used to treat autoimmune diseases include tactrolimus, azathioprine and cylophosphamide.

My Vitiligo Story
I first noticed the vitiligo symptoms of white patches of skin over my left eyebrow around 3-4 years ago. To say the least, it was distressing since I did not understand why it should develop on my face first. I therefore did all I could to treat it. 
Vitiligo Nairobi Kenya

I begun by using corticosteriod creams which I applied to the skin lesions twice a day but I noticed that they surprisingly made it worse. This could have been due to the known skin lightening effect of topical steroids and thus in my case the white patches appeared larger. 

I therefore stopped using topical steroid creams and begun applying tacrolimus 0.1% . But, I developed an even worse side effect of subconjuctival hemorrhage or bleeding in the eye which in my situation was terrible since I was bleeding in both eyes.

Subconjuctival hemorrhage Nairobi Kenya

At this point I gave up on conventional medicine and gave the condition up to God. I even wrote a book called Vitiligo by Dr Miriam Kinai.

Note that if you have an autoimmune disease, I am not suggesting that you should stop taking your conventional medications without discussing the consequences and your other options with your doctor. I was able to make that decision by myself because I am a doctor who has received specialized training in dermatology. 

Events Surrounding My Vitiligo Cure
Around 25th June 2011, I developed a very severe rash on my face. This rash was mysterious because I have not had a facial rash for as long as I can remember. Even during my teenage years, God had blessed me with smooth skin. 

In addition to that, I had not changed any of my facial products or eaten unusual foods though the rash was pretty itchy and therefore, I suspected that it may be an “allergic rash”. 

But, this rash was initially concentrated on my T zone that is from the forehead to the areas around my mouth and therefore I wondered if there was a sebaceous aspect to it also.   
Acneiform eruptions Nairobi Kenya

On 30th June 2011, I lost my job. This was tough because though my job was very stressful, I loved it. 

Loosing my job also meant I lost my medical cover therefore I could not seek medical attention  (or rather request a doctor to prescribe the medications I need as some doctors including myself are prone to do). I also did not want to spend the money I had buying over the counter medications and so I decided to try homemade natural treatments to my rapidly spreading facial rash.

Around 1st July 2011, I begun applying a mixture of essential oils with a vegetable oil on my face thrice a day. As some of you may know, I am a Certified Aromatherapist and therefore quite knowledgeable on the use of essential oils.

On 3rd July 2011, I went for a Christian crusade. I had not gone specifically for a healing because even when the Bishop asked all those who were sick to go to the altar, I did not go because I had totally forgotten about the facial rash and vitiligo. When he asked us to place our hands on the sick areas on our body I found myself placing my hand on my forehead and this puzzled me because as I said, I had forgotten about my skin conditions. 

But, as we were praying, the word “vitiligo” dropped into spirit as if the Holy Spirit was reminding me about it and I prayed against vitiligo in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

On 7th July 2011, I was at home when the word “vitiligo” dropped in my spirit again and I picked up a mirror and I could not believe what I saw. The vitiliginous skin had totally disappeared as my skin color was now normal. As you can see the area above my left eyebrow has normal pigmentation. The other mysterious rash is still present on my forehead but it has markedly improved.
Vitiligo healing testimony Nairobi Kenya

So What Healed The Vitilgo?
Was it the healing Christian Crusade?
Was it the essential oil mixture?
Was it spontaneous resolution?

Since studies have not been done, I cannot claim that my essential oil mixture was the vitiligo cure though I used oils with known anti-inflammatory properties and applied them over the vitiliginous areas not by design, but by default since the mysterious rash covered by entire face. In addition these essential oils I used have been around for centuries, just as long as vitiligo has been and so I suppose someone would have stumbled upon this vitiligo oil or aromatherapy cure for vitiligo if that is what it is.  

As for spontaneous resolution, it is known to happen in some cases where a person's vitiligo heals on it own. But, in my situation though one stress was ending and I did feel its effects on my body.

However, a new stress of unemployment was beginning and vitiligo is one of the conditions that is studied in the psychodermatology and worsened by stress. 
I am therefore left with no other choice than to give credit for God for the healing of vitiligo. I place my money on that healing crusade I attended because the Power of God was present in a mighty way and very many people where healed including the dumb.

Take Home Lessons
I strongly recommend a holistic approach for the management of all medical conditions and especially the autoimmune ones which have no "quick fix".

This holistic approach which offers clues as to how to treat vitiligo effectively includes:
1. Conventional medicine - discuss with your doctor the best vitiligo treatment options and their side effects.

2. Alternative medicine - research your options and always consult your doctor before you begin using any "natural treatment" regardless of whether it is herbs, essential oils or Bach flower remedies because some react adversely to the medications you may be taking and end up causing more harm than good to your body.

3. Improving your physical health by exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep and possibly adopting an anti-inflammatory diet that is rich in anti-oxidant nutrients such as vitamins A, C, E and selenium. You can do this by simply increasing the number of raw, brightly colored fruits and vegetables you eat each day. Perfect examples include carrots, sweet potatoes and mangoes.

Click on the link to read Strength Training Exercises for Stress Management
Strength training exercises for stress management

4. Improving your mental health by managing stress effectively and raising your self esteem since vitiligo causes lowers self esteem and even causes depression in some patients. This blog is full of stress management relaxation techniques and tips for dealing with depression naturally and is therefore not  a bad place to start.

Click on the link to read 10 Simple Relaxation Techniques
10 Simple Relaxation Techniques

5. Improving your spiritual health by developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and involving Him in all aspects of your life including managing the stress of a chronic illness since Jesus is the best stress management therapist
Jesus is the best stress management therapist

To do this, begin by saying with your mouth that "Jesus is Lord" and believing in your heart that when He died for our sins, God raised Him  from the dead and you will be saved. (Romans 10:9) Then click on these links to read How to Workout your Salvation and How to Develop a Personal Relationship with God.

In addition, understand that to receive your miracle healing, you have to believe that He can heal you regardless of how long you have suffered from vitiligo, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, Sjorgren syndrome, type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Grave’s disease, Addison’s disease, alopecia areata, pernicious anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, celiac disease or any other disease.

Having faith is paramount to being healed because we see Jesus on several occasions healing people by telling them "As you have believed let it be done to you." (Matthew 8:13 and Mark 5:34) Therefore believe that you CAN be healed even of medically incurable diseases. To learn more, read How to Strengthen your Faith for Healing.
How to strengthen your faith for healing

In addition, understand that healing  takes place on many levels. I believe I received one level of healing when the vitiligo stopped disturbing me even though it was “defacing” me.

This is the type of deliverance that Jesus gave to the paralyzed man who was brought to him lying on a mat and Jesus told him "Take up your mat and go home." (Mark 2:10-12) His mat of sickness was still in his life, but now instead of lying on it in defeat, he was able to carry it and carry on with his normal day to day life. 

Understand also that if God so chooses, He can give you the grace to live with the condition without taking it out of your life permanently. We can see this clearly when Paul asked God three times to remove the thorn in his flesh (this could have been a physical disease) but God replied by telling him, “My grace is sufficient for you.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Therefore, if you have prayed and prayed and the physical disease is still present in your life, do not despair. Continue praying and ask Him to give you the grace to bear it until the day He so chooses to take it away permanently.

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