Change your Garments: Esther

When the Jews were threatened with annihilation, Queen Esther was challenged by her mentor and uncle Mordecai to do something about it. 

Esther decided to fast for 3 days  because she did not have an appointment to see the king as he had not sent for her for 30 days and anyone who went to see him uninvited faced instant death if he did not hold out his golden scepter. 

After her fast, Esther wore her royal robes (Esther 5:1) and went to stand in the inner court of the king's palace.  

By removing the garments she wore in her quarters, wearing her royal robes and going to the palace Esther symbolically reinstated herself as Queen. She removed the victim mentality and put on a victor mentality.

Therefore if you have been denied your rightful position in life the way the king had not sent for Esther for 30 days, understand that you have to change your garments from those that you wore in your "state of denial" and wear those that are fitting for the position you want to regain. 

For example if you were a bank manager and you lost your job unfairly, if you want to take back you position as a bank manager you have to remove the clothes you wore at home moping and wear "bank manager suits". 

Then, position yourself strategically the way Esther positioned herself in the inner courts of the palace regardless of whether your strategic position is a court of law or another bank.

Understand also that this changing your outer garments or clothing has to be combined with changing your inner garments or attitude.

Therefore emulate Esther for she also had to change her thinking from "Going to see the king uninvited is too dangerous because of the law of the golden scepter" (Esther 4:11) to "I will go to see the king uninvited and if I perish, I perish." (Esther 4:16)

To replace the fearful thoughts that may try to hold you back, go through your Bible and find scriptures that fill you with courage like I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)  
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