Change your Garments: Family

When Jacob's daughter Dinah was defiled by Prince Shechem, her brothers tricked all the men of that city to get circumcised. 

As the men were wallowing in pain, Dinah's two brothers Simeon and Levi, went and killed all the men. They also took their sheep, oxen, donkeys and all their wealth. They even captured their wives and children. 

Jacob became concerned that the other inhabitants of the land would join forces and destroy him and his family. (Genesis 34) God then told him to go and live in Bethel and make an altar there for God." (Genesis 35:1) 

In preparation for this journey to Bethel which would involve travelling through places populated by people who hated him and his sons, Jacob told his household to, "Put away the foreign gods, purify yourselves and change your garments." (Genesis 35:2) 
change your garments

Jacob realized that in order to save his family, they had to purify themselves by not worshiping other gods and changing their garments.

This change of garments would symbolize parting with their old evil ways and making a new beginning.    

The members of his household then gave him all the foreign gods they had in their hands and they removed the earrings in their ears and he buried them in Shechem before they left. (Genesis 35:4)

God blessed their changes for the terror of God came upon the cities that were around them and they did not pursue them as they journeyed. Jacob and all his family therefore arrived safely at Luz (Bethel).

you shall not have other gods

So, if your life is in danger and you need God's protection the way Jacob needed it, you have to change your spiritual and physical garments.  

To change your spiritual garments, stop doing what God forbids in the Bible. For example you can start with the first commandment You shall not have other gods (Exodus 20:3) and spiritually remove all false gods from your life by not praying to them or worshiping them or serving them. 

After your have changed your spiritual garments, change your physical ones to symbolize your spiritual changes the way Jacob's family removed their earrings. So, remove all the amulets, earrings, chains, T-shirts and anything else you wear to symbolize your allegiance to false gods.  

After changing the spiritual and physical garments that pertain to the first commandment, work your way down to ensure you obey all the other commandments.

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