2 Kings 5 Bible Study: Elisha and Gehazi

When Naaman left Syria to come to Israel to see Elisha he carried with him 6000 gold shekels, 10 silver talents and 10 changes of clothing. (2 Kings 5:5)

After he was healed of leprosy, he tried to persuade Elisha to take a gift from him but Elisha refused. (2 Kings 5:15-16)  

When Elisha's servant Gehazi saw that he had declined to received anything from Naaman he decided to pursue him and take something for himself. When Naaman saw him running after them he got down from his chariot and asked him if all was well.

Gehazi responded by lying that Elisha had sent him to ask for 1 silver talent and 2 changes of clothing.

Naaman complied and generously gave him 2 silver talents and 2 changes of clothing and asked 2 of his own servants to carry the gifts for Gehazi. (2 Kings 5:20-24)  

After he had returned, Elisha asked Gehazi where he had gone and he lied by replying he had not gone anywhere.

Elisha responded by saying, "Did my heart not go with you when Naaman turned around to meet you?(2 Kings 5:26)
2 Kings 5 Lesson 7: Do not lie to God's servants.
God gives his true servants many powers and we can see from Elisha that he had the ability to heal and to know what was happening in a certain place without having to be there. 

Therefore if you are dealing with a man or woman of God, do not waste your time or energy trying to lie to them or make a fool of them. Understand that God's spirit can help them and you will end up being the fool instead.  

Elisha then asked Gehazi, "Is it time to receive money, clothing, olive groves, vineyards, sheep, oxen, male and female servants?"
2 Kings 5 Lesson 8: Discern the season.
The Bible tells us that There is a time for everything. (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Therefore understand that you have to discern the time or season you are in especially if you are in Christian ministry doing the work of God.

Since there is a time of season to get (Ecclesiastes 3:6) and a time that is not for running after things to get them, if you are not sure what season you are in, simply ask God so that you can do the right thing for the season you are in.

Gehazi's punishment for using Elisha's name to extort gifts from Naaman was meted out by Elisha who told him that "Naaman's leprosy shall cling to you and your descendants forever" and he developed leprosy. (2 Kings 5:26-27) 
2 Kings 5 Lesson 9: Do not enrich yourself dishonestly.
The Bible tells us that Wealth obtained by dishonesty will be diminished. (Proverbs 13:11) This diminishing can come in many forms for example $1 million obtained dishonestly is greatly diminished in value if the person does not enjoy it after they develop an incurable cancer that is passed down in their genes to their children and grandchildren.

Therefore do not try to get more money, real estate or livestock by lying. This is more so if you are purporting to do the work of God and lying to gain more wealth. Understand that even if the people you are lying to do not know that you are lying for Naaman may not have suspected that Gehazi was lying, God knows that you are lying and He will punish you for it for He clearly says, "Thou shall not lie" (Exodus 20:16)

In addition, you should also be careful who you recieve gifts from because there must have a good reason why Elisha declined Naaman's gifts in the first place. 

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