2 Kings 5 Bible Study Naaman and the Little Girl

Naaman was the commander of the Syrian army and he was highly esteemed by the Syrian King because the Lord God had given him victory in the battles he fought. (2 Kings 5:1)
2 Kings 5 Lesson 1: God can bless people who do not really know Him with victory in order to achieve His grand purposes.
However, Naaman was a leper. (2 Kings 5:1)

He was a great man, a man described by the Bible as a Mighty man of valor (2 Kings 5:1) the way the Angel of the Lord described Gideon BUT he had leprosy. A problem he could not solve.  

But his problem could be solved by the Lord God who was giving him victories in the battles he faced in his life. He only needed someone to tell him that.

That someone who gave this mighty man of valor this piece of life changing info was a young Israelite girl who had been kidnapped from Israel by Naaman's army and brought to his home to serve as a maid for his wife. (2 Kings 5:2)

This young girl told Naaman's wife about Elisha, a prophet of the one true God who lived in Samaria and who could cure leprosy. (2 Kings 5:3) The result, Naaman ended up going to Israel where he was cured of leprosy. 
2 Kings 5 Lesson 2: Do whatever you can to serve God wherever you are and irregardless of your circumstances.
This young girl could have decided to keep the info to herself and secretly gloat about Naaman's leprosy because after all he was the commander of the army that had raided her country, kidnapped her and brought her to serve as a maid in a foreign country away from her family and friends. 

But she did not. She served God by telling her mistress, Naaman's wife, about God's prophet from her country who could cure leprosy. 

Therefore regardless of how your life has changed for the negative (because it is always easy to serve God when your life has changed for the better) do whatever you can to serve God.  

Understand also that sometimes God places you in places where you have access to powerful men and women who are doing great things in the world the way this young girl had access to Naaman's home and from your vantage point you can see that they have a very big problem.

A problem that many other people may not know the way the soldiers from Naaman's army may not have known that he had leprosy if he met them while covered in his armor or uniform.

And a problem so big that their education, skills, money, earthly power and connections cannot solve the way Commander in Chief Naaman with all his training, money, earthly power, connections and treatment from the best doctors in Syria could not solve his problem of incurable leprosy. 

In such a situation, you have got to do whatever you can to tell this great man or woman about the Great God who can solve their big problem.

Even if you cannot speak to this famous man or woman directly, you can pray for guidance from God as to how you can tell him or her indirectly about the Lord God the way this young nameless girl told Naaman indirectly by telling his wife about Elisha.  

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