If Egypt Wants You Back, Do Not Go Back

If Egypt Wants You Back, Do Not Go Back

Are you in a situation where the problems you left behind are trying to take you back the way Pharaoh and his army pursued the Israelites after they left slavery in Egypt?

If you are, decide that you will never go back to Egypt.

Keep your mind set on that decision of never going back regardless of the problems you are facing in your present and those that you can see looming in your future because this is the only way you will ever enter your Promised Land.

Learn from the mistake of the Israelites for they considered going back to Egypt when they saw Pharaoh and his army rushing towards them from the rear and the Red Sea sitting infront of them (Exodus 14:12) because this decision kept their generation from entering the Promised Land.

Therefore regardless of whether your Egypt is bondage to drugs or any other addictive behavior or whether your Egypt is something sinful you used to do to make money decide today that you will never go back to Egypt.

When the temptation to return to your familiar bad habits arises, instead of contemplating how you will go back, brainstorm how you will Go forward (Exodus 14:15) and PUSH (pray until something happens) through the Red Sea of problems in your present.  

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