How to Resolve Conflicts part 2

How to Resolve Conflicts part 2

From the conflict in John 8:2-11 when the Pharisees and scribes brought a woman caught committing adultery to Jesus, we can learn how to resolve conflicts which are complicated by poor positioning of the conflicting parties.

We can see that Jesus was already teaching a crowd when the Pharisees and scribes (another crowd), brought with the lone woman and placed her in their midst.

She was placed in the middle of her many accusers who were also baying for her blood as well as all the people Jesus had been teaching. This nerve-racking arrangement was most inappropriate for effective conflict resolution as countless censuring eyes converged on her from all corners and it may have been one reason why she couldn't speak up for herself.

Therefore, if you are entangled in a conflict or called on to mediate one, ensure there is proper positioning of the parties by asking them to sit around a round table or stand facing each other with the mediator between them.

If you are unable to influence the seating (or standing) arrangement of the different parties, do what you can to make all parties feel comfortable.

You can bend down to a child’s eye level for when Jesus stooped down to write on the ground, He may have assumed this position to get down to her level so that He would not be towering over her like the Pharisees and scribes.

Therefore, position the parties properly for effective conflict resolution so that you can resolve tricky conflicts and increase the peace in your home, the productivity of your ministry and the profitability of your business.

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  1. Very true words. It seems to be our nature to condemns when in truth we should apply wisdom.

    Great article

    If you ever drop by my page, please leave your thoughts no matter what it is on the topic as well as say hello! Thanks in advance :D

  2. Thanks Mena, will pass by your blog and check it out.


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