How to Resolve Conflicts part 1

How to Resolve Conflicts part 1

From the conflict in John 8:2-11 when the Pharisees and scribes brought a woman caught committing adultery to Jesus, we can learn how to resolve conflicts which are complicated by inconveniencing timing.

The timing of this conflict was inopportune for Jesus since He was already teaching when the Pharisees brought the woman. It does not seem that they had notified Him in advance that they would bring a conflict for Him to resolve at that particular time.

But, Jesus stopped teaching and begun resolving the conflict even though it may have inconvenienced His day’s schedule.

He even took His time because after listening, Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground. He could have done this to buy time to think or pray for a solution but in any case, He did not rush through the process so that He could get back to preaching.

By not dashing through the conflict resolution process, however, inconveniencing it may have been, Jesus showed great consideration for it was the woman who had the most at stake because it was her life which was threatened.

Therefore, if you find yourself entangled in an inconveniencing but grave conflict, voluntarily or otherwise, create time in your tight schedule so that you can resolve it immediately and effectively. Take as much time as you need, just like Jesus did, to ensure a satisfactory conclusion for this prompt resolution of conflicts will increase the peace in your home, the productivity of your ministry and the profitability of your business

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  1. Beautiful advice! Jesus was such a wise person. Those times when we feel most rushed and inconvenienced are the most important times to take a step back.

  2. Yes Jesus was a very wise person and we have to take our time when dealing with grave issues even when they have been presented as emergencies that must be dealt with immediately.


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