1. Take 5 deep breaths
Schedule a few seconds whenever you begin to feel “stressed” or “tense” to take a few deep breaths since abdominal breathing is the fastest way to counter the body’s stress response and the easiest stress management technique. Inhale through your mouth until you feel your abdomen rising and then exhale completely until you feel it falling. You can do this while standing smack in the middle of a disagreement or while seated in a traffic jam or while lying on the couch in your doctor’s office.

2. Pray
Schedule at least 15 minutes every day for the supernatural stress management technique of connecting to God so that you can forward your problems to Him via prayer and receive His daily email to you by reading His Word, the Bible. Finally, download strength, perseverance, courage or whatever you may need to manage your stressful situation by meditating on Scriptures.

3. Engage in a complementary hobby
Schedule at least 1 hour each week for the enjoyable stress management technique of engaging in a hobby that you enjoy and that complements your job. For example if you work with computers all day with minimal or no human contact, the perfect complementary hobby for you would be one where you are in contact with many people such as by playing basketball or singing in a choir or volunteering in a hospital. Conversely, if your job entails responding to customer’s complaints, the perfect complimentary hobby for you would be a solitary activity such as painting or playing a piano or writing poetry.

4. Exercise regularly
Schedule at least 2 hours each week to engage in the stress hormone slaying stress management technique of aerobic exercise. Regular brisk walking or jogging or swimming or spinning or tennis or basketball or any other aerobic exercise will help prevent the development of stress related diseases by reducing the levels of circulating stress hormones and make you feel better by increasing the levels of endorphins which are the body’s “feel good” hormones.

5. Get adequate sleep
Schedule at least 56 hours each week to engage in the effortless stress management technique of sleeping. Keep your bedroom free of arguments, office work, clutter, bright lights, loud noises, TVs and temperature extremes to increase your chances of falling asleep and staying asleep.

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