The Bible
The Bible tells us that a merry heart is just as good as medicine. (Proverbs 17:22)

The Research
Medical Research tells us that laughter reduces stress hormones and increases endorphins which are the body’s “feel good hormones”.

The Prescription
For effective stress management, medicate yourself with hearty doses of laughter and you will definitely feel better.

A starter prescription for this funny but effective stress management technique would read:
Laugh for 30 minutes once a day.

But, since laughter is such an excellent stress management technique and effective relaxation technique and since it does not have side effects and since you cannot be amused and upset at the same time, make it a habit to laugh often and for as long as possible for the rest of your life

The Pharmacy
To fill your laughter prescription, you can:
1. Buy comedy DVDs.
Schedule regular dates to watch your favourite comedians and let them tickle your funny bone in your own living room.

2. Surf clean comedy websites.
For starters you can surf Christian comedy index dot com which is a listing of Christian comedians. Watch their videos and you will soon be rolling with laughter.

3. Call an entertaining friend.
Listen to their humorous points of view as their sense of humor will change your perspective and this will go a long way to making your stressful situation more tolerable.

4. Read hilarious books and comics.
Buy your favorite funny books and keep them at home in a special place. When stressed out, take a ten minute time out to peruse the paragraphs that are guaranteed to have you roaring in laughter.

5. Open a Humor File.
Clip magazine articles and pictures and cartoons that make you chuckle and file them in your Humor File. When stress strikes, flip through the file and bring a smile to your face.

6. Cultivate your own sense of humor.
Try and see the funny side of your stressful situation by asking yourself how your favorite comedian would describe it and this may just make you smile.

Adapted from Rules of Relaxation by Dr Miriam Kinai © 2007


  1. I have also seen some laughter club .. the concept is people just go an laugh without any reason it's funny sometime just to look at it

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting hoopweb.


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