Christian Affirmations and Bible Verse Meditations Videos

Christian Affirmations and Meditations

Christian Affirmations and Meditations teaches you the Bible verses you can confess and meditate on to help you overcome anger, anxiety, addictions, condemnation, confusion, danger, death, depression, discouragement, depression, despair, fear, impatience, infertility, laziness, loneliness, lying, opposition, oppression, and a dirty mouth, poverty, stress, temptations, vengeance, worry, weakness and powerlessness.   

Christian Affirmations and Meditations also teaches you the Scriptures you can confess and meditate on to strengthen your Christian faith, marriage, ministry, business, children, country, finances, health, sleep, ob, peace of mind, restoration, self-confidence, self esteem, self love, success, weight loss and to get married.  

Click on the links below to watch videos from excerpts of this book:  

Christian affirmations and meditations

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