Bible Stress Management Tips from Moses

Bible stress management tips from Moses

Moses teaches us a very important Bible stress management tip of standing still.

For example when some men could not keep the Passover because they were defiled by a corpse,they asked Moses why they were being kept from presenting their offering to God at its appointed time and he told them, "Stand still so that I may hear what God will say". (Numbers 9:6-8)

When the Israelites found themselves trapped between the advancing Egyptian army and the Red Sea and they begun to cry and talk about returning to Egypt, Moses told them, "Stand still and see the salvation of God". (Exodus 14:10-13)  

Therefore the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, make yourself stand still in the presence of God so that you can hear what He wants you to do. 

To make yourself "Stand Still", calm raging emotions like fear and anxiety by praying, meditating on Bible verses and placing your trust in God. 

Then wait to hear what He wants you to do. 

Sometimes this wait can take less than a second as you will receive His answer instantly. 

At other times it can take a little longer. However, regardless of how long it takes know that it is always better to "Stand Still" and hear from God how you should react to a situation instead of surging ahead and reacting to it in your own understanding. 

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