Nehemiah Prayers: part 3

The Nehemiah Prayers

When Nehemiah and the Israelites finished rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and they were just left with hanging the doors, their enemies Sanballat and Geshem sent Nehemiah a message inviting him to meet them in Ono so that they could harm him.

Nehemiah responded by saying he could not meet them because he was doing a great work.

However, his enemies were persistent and they sent him this message 4 times. His response was the same all the time and Sanballat therefore decided to adopt a different strategy and send him a letter instead.

The letter claimed that Nehemiah and the Jews were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem so that they could rebel. They also claimed that Nehemiah had appointed prophets to proclaim that he was the king. Sanballat said these issues would be reported to the king and he therefore invited Nehemiah to come so that they could talk about it.

Nehemiah responded to the contents of the letter by stating that they were not doing any of the things written in the letter since those were figments of their figments of Sanballat's imagination.

Nehemiah also recognized the intention of their enemies which was to make them afraid so that their hands would be weakened and unable to finish their work. (Nehemiah 6:1-9) He therefore also responded to the letter by saying the following prayer:

Nehemiah's Prayer for Strength
Heavenly Father I ask You to strengthen my hands. (Nehemiah 6:9)

This prayer is perfect for praying when you are facing opposition that wants to weaken you so that you do not finish the work that God has told you to do.

Therefore say it to ask God to strengthen you regardless of whether the enemy wants to weaken you by making you afraid or anxious or broke. 

Combine saying this prayer with meditating, confessing and believing Scriptures that neutralized the weapon that the enemy is using to try and weaken you. One great Scripture is No weapon formed against me shall prosper. (Isaiah 54:17) 
No weapon formed against me shall prosper Isaiah 54:17

Side Note
It is amazing to note that the enemy does not give up. The enemies of Nehemiah had harassed them through the entire building process but Nehemiah and the Israelites had A mind to work(Nehemiah 4:6) They therefore pushed through the opposition until they finished building the entire wall up to its full height. Now that they were just left with hanging the gates, you would have expected the enemy to give up but they were not about to let up. 

Therefore if you are facing stiff opposition as you do God's work, do not look at your enemies and ask or expect them to stop harassing you. 

Instead look up to God and ask Him to strengthen you so that you can complete doing EVERYTHING that He has place in your heart to do. 

After praying, expect Him to strengthen you because God gives power to the weak. (Isaiah 40:29)
God gives power to the weak Isaiah 40:29

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