Purim Holiday Lessons from the Bible

The Christian Purim Holiday Guide

This Christian Purim Holiday Guide teaches you Purim Holiday Lessons from the Bible. It also explains how to make a Purim holiday gift basket (Mishloach Manot). This Purim Holiday blog post also contains a selection of Purim gift baskets that you can give to celebrate this holiday which will begin on Wednesday 28 and end on Thursday March 1, 2018. 

The Purim Story
The Purim story is recorded in the book of Esther in the Bible and it involves the following people:

King Ahaseurus
King Ahaseurus was Queen Esther's husband and he Reigned from India to Ethiopia and ruled over 127 provinces. (Esther 1:1)

Queen Esther
Queen Esther, who was also known as Hadassah, was a Jew and King Ahaseurus's wife.

Mordechai was a Jew who sat within the King's gate. He was also Queen Esther's cousin and he had brought her up because she was an orphan.

Haman was an Agagite and a powerful official in the government of King Ahaseurus because the King had promoted him to be above all the other nobles. (Esther 3:1)

Haman hatched a plot to kill Mordechai and all the other Jews in King Ahaseurus' kingdom because Mordechai refused to bow down to him. (Esther 3:5-6) King Ahaseurus acquiesced to Haman's plot and his scribes wrote a decree to this effect in his name and sealed it with his signet (Esther 3:12) since this made it irrevocable. (Esther 8:8)

This law was sent by courier to All the king's 127 provinces commanding them to kill all the Jews, both young and old, children and women on the 13th day of the 12th month of Adar. (Esther 3:14) Consequently, there was great mourning among the Jewish population and Mordechai urged Queen Esther to go and speak to the King about it.

Queen Esther spoke to the King and a new decree was written in the king’s name and sealed with his signet which countered the previous one. Consequently, In every province where this decree was taken, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast day and a good day. (Esther 8:17) 

Bible prayers for Purim

As a Christian, you can celebrate Purim together with the Jews in remembrance of the time they were delivered from their enemies.

You can also use the days preceding the Purim Holiday to pray and ask God to deliver you from your own enemies. For optimum results combine your prayers with a 3 day fast like Queen Esther. 

Bible prayers you can pray for deliverance include:
Father God I ask You in the name of Jesus to give me relief from my enemies.” (Adapted Esther 9:22)

Father God I ask You in the name of Jesus to turn my sorrow into joy and my mourning into celebration.” (Adapted Esther 9:22)

Purim Holiday Lessons from the Bible

Purim Holiday Lessons from the Bible

The events of the Purim story in the Bible can teach us the following life lessons: 

Purim Holiday Bible Study: Treat everyone nicely

Purim Holiday Bible Study: Man casts lots but God sets the results
Purim Holiday Bible Study: Do something physical

Purim Holiday Bible Study: Choose the measure you mete for others with care
How to Make Purim Holiday Gift Baskets (Mishloach Manot)
This custom of giving gifts on Purim originates from the Bible for it is written, ''They should make them days of feasting and joy and of sending portions to one another and gifts to the poor." (Esther 9:22)

To make your own gift baskets to give to your friends and less fortunate members of your society during the Purim Holiday, follow these simple steps:

Buy a Gift Bag 
Buy a gift bag that will hold the other items. This can be a wicker picnic basket or an organza gift bag or a cellophane gift bag.

Buy Purim Gift Items
Buy gift items that are perfect for a Purim Holiday gift basket. These can include:

Purim food items like hamantaschen, kosher herbal teas

Purim items like a gragger (noise maker), Purim masks

Purim books like The Purim Story

Writing instruments like fancy penscolor pens and markers

Candy like Godiva chocolates

Coffee accessories like Christian coffee mugscoffee mug warmer and coffee samplers

Buy Purim Basket Decorations
Arrange your gift items in the gift bag and then decorate it with the following:

Purim Holiday Lessons from the Bible

Buy Purim Holiday Gift Baskets
If you do not have the time to make your own gift basket, you can buy Purim Holiday gift baskets like the ones shown

The Purim Kosher Royalty Basket is a gourmet gift basket filled with chocolates, cookies and crackers. It also contains smoked salmon, dried fruit, health mix, nuts and even flavored coffee and tea. All the items in this gorgeous gift basket are Kosher certified. This gift basket which is fit for a king or a queen like Queen Esther, comes wrapped with a beautiful bow.

The First Impressions Purim Gift Basket by Broadway Basketeers contains creamy milk truffle bars, caramel bars and chocolate cream flavored wafer rolls. This attractive Purim Shalach Manos gift basket also contains flavored Purim hamantaschen and sugar coated nuts. All these delicacies come in a designer box perfect for celebrating the Purim Holiday.
Buy the Purim Gift Basket by Broadway Basketeers

Purim for Kids Gift Box
Purim for the Kids by Kosherbyte is a perfect Purim holiday present for children. This perfectly priced gift box is filled with pistachios and candy. It also contains hamentashen and a grogger or noise maker in an attractive triangular box which can be given as a stand alone present or used to fill up a larger gift basket for children.

Purim Basket - Purim Hat Trick (USA) is actually a fun gift basket comprising of a Purim Hat filled with a variety of individually wrapped sweets and snacks that are not only delicious, but also certified Kosher. This hat is almost 14” high and half a foot wide and can therefore be worn during a Purim Party or at Shul for Megilla Reading.

The Sterling Silver Purim Basket Miniature C-2876 is a perfect home d├ęcor accessory for Purim day. This exquisite two-handled basket contains a Purim mask, a bottle of wine, two rattlers and several Hamans ears all made from sterling silver. This miniature Purim basket is inscribed with the Hebrew words "Simchat Purim" which mean Purim joy.

The Purim Hinged Box is an exquisite piece of jewelry and a unique Purin Gift Basket concept since it resembles a real Shalach Manot basket. This miniature Purin box is made of ceramic and contains a surprise megilah inside. Consider buying a silver chain to hang it as a locket.

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