You Have Come For Such A Time As This

Are you in a position of influence?

Are you in a position of power?

Are you in any position?

If you are, and we all are, learn from Nehemiah and Esther that you have come into the kingdom of God for such a time as this.

And “What time is this?” you may ask.

The answer is that the time is determined by the needs around you.

Nehemiah heard that the Israelites were living in Great distress and shame and that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and her gates burned. (Nehemiah 1:3)

He heard this distressing news and saw that it was time to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and restore to God’s city and people the glory they had lost.

He therefore begun to prepare for this great task by fasting and praying. (Nehemiah 1:4)  

After finishing his spiritual preparation, he used his important position as the king’s cupbearer (Nehemiah 1:11), a person who tasted all the food and wine before the king consumed it to ensure that it was not poisoned, to ask for a Letter to be written to Asaph the keeper of the king’s forest so that he would give Nehemiah timber to make the citadel’s gates, the city wall as well as the house that he would live in. (Nehemiah 2:8)   

In addition to using his powerful position, Nehemiah also used his personal wealth since he says, “When I was appointed as Governor in Judah, from the 12th year to the 32nd year of King Artaxexes’ reign, neither I nor my brother ate the governor’s provisions.” (Nehemiah 5:14)

He did not require the people to pay him the governor’s salary because “The governors who were before me had put heavy burdens on the people and took from them bread and wine in addition to 40 shekels of silver. Yes, even their servants bore rule over the people, but I did not do so because I feared God.” (Nehemiah 5:15)

His fear of God stopped him from demanding a salary from the people because they were in dire financial straits for he says, I did not demand the governor’s provision, because the bondage was heavy on the people. (Nehemiah 5:18)

In addition to not demanding a salary from the people who were facing financial constraints, Nehemiah also used his personal resources to do the work of the Lord for he says, “All my servants were gathered there for the work of rebuilding the wall.” (Nehemiah 5:16)


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