Why you should chose the measure you mete for others with care Mark 4:24

Why you should chose the measure you mete for others with care Mark 4:24

You should chose the measure you mete for others with care because With the measure you mete, it shall be measured for you. (Mark 4:24)

This means that what you calculate for others will be calculated for you. 

We can see a great example of this from the life of Haman because he measured out for Mordechai death by hanging in gallows that were 50 cubits high (Esther 5:14) due to the fact that Mordechai did not Stand or tremble before him. (Esther 5:9) 

However, God turned it around and Haman was the one who was hanged on those 50 cubit gallows. (Esther 7:9)

Therefore be very careful when dealing with people because With the measure you mete, it shall be measured for you (Mark 4:24) and if you measure for people to be being hanged on gallows that are 50 cubits high, know that it shall also be measured for you to be hang on gallows that are also 50 cubits high. 

Give and it shall be given back to you a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing Luke 6:38

By building gallows that were this high, Haman was also measuring out shame for Mordechai. This is due to the fact that 50 cubits is 25 yards or 22.5 meters or higher than a 3 storey building.

This means that everyone in their locality saw them and knew they had been built to hang Mordechai. 

We know that people knew Mordechai was supposed to be hanged on those gallows because when Haman upset the king, one of the eunuchs told the king about the gallows and the king ordered Haman to be hang on them. (Esther 7:9)

Thus we can see the public shame he had measured out for Mordechai was also measured out for him. Therefore be very careful when giving because it shall be given back to you (Luke 6:38) and if you give out public shame, be prepared to receive public embarrassment.
A person reaps what they sow Galatians 6:7

On the other hand, if 50 cubits gallows and public shame has been meted to you, do not despair. If you are innocent like Mordechai, believe that God can turn the situation around like He did for Mordechai  and also measure out 50 cubits gallows and public shame for those who have done so for you. 

Do not give up even if the people who have meted out the 50 cubits gallows and public shame are very important because even though Haman was very powerful in that king's reign, he was not more powerful than God.   
It is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to those who trouble you 2 Thessalonians 1:6

Another great point we can learn from this incidence is that God orchestrated events so that Haman gave Mordechai public glory before he died. 

He did this on the day he had come to ask the king permission to hang Mordechai because before he spoke the king asked him, “What should be done for a man whom the King wants to honor?” (Esther 6:6)

Upon hearing the question, Haman asked himself within his heart, “Whom would the king want to honor more than me?” (Esther 6:6) 

He assumed that the king wanted to honor him and thus answered the king’s question by saying that that person should be rewarded by:
1. Having him dressed by a noble prince with a royal robe
2. Being  given a horse with a royal crest on its head 
3. Being paraded on horseback through the city square with the proclamation, “This is what shall be done to the person whom it pleases the king to honor” been made before him. 

The king then commanded Haman to go and do all those great things for Mordecai and he did. (Esther 6:8-9)

He therefore gave Mordechai public glory before he suffered the public humiliation he had prepared for Haman.

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