God is Positioning You to Use You

If your life is spiraling out of your control through no fault of your own understand that God could be positioning you to use you.  

We see this from Joseph's life because God positioned him as a imprisoned slave in Egypt so that He could promote him to be the Prime Minister of Egypt because it is written that:
God called for a famine and destroyed all the bread in the land (where the Israelites were living)

He sent Joseph before them (to Egypt). He was sold into slavery, they put fetters on his feet and held him in irons until the time that his word came to pass. 

Then Pharaoh sent for him, released him and made him a ruler (Prime Minister of Egypt)(Psalm 105:16-22) 
All things work together for the good of those who love God Romans 8:28

Therefore, if you are in a dungeon-like stressful situation through no fault of your own, understand that God could be positioning you to use you in a mighty way. 

Looking at your stressful situation from this angle can help you bear with it better than if you look at it from the angle of unmerited and useless suffering. 

Therefore believe that All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) 

Believe it because we can see that all things in Joseph's life from his brothers selling him into slavery to his slave master sending him to prison after his wife falsely accused him of attempted rape, worked together for his good because it was while he was in jail that he interpreted the dream of Pharoah's butler. 

This butler later recommended Joseph to Pharaoh as a dream interpreter. Pharaoh then sent for Joseph who interpreted his dream and was immediately promoted to be the Prime Minister of Egypt. 

While he was the Prime Minister, Joseph was able to fulfill God's purpose for his life as he saved his family when famine struck their land and they had to come to Egypt to look for food. 

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