Position Yourself Even If You Have to Crawl

Position Yourself Even If You Have to Crawl

The Bible tells us that one day Jesus went to the pool by the Sheep Gate which is known as Bethesda. This pool had 5 porches where many sick, blind and paralyzed people lay waiting for the Angel to stir the water since whoever entered the pool first was healed of his disease. 

Among those people waiting for the Angel was a man who had been sick for 38 years. When Jesus saw him, He knew that he had been in that condition for a long time and so He asked him, "Do you want to be healed?" (John 5:6)

This sick man replied by telling Jesus that he did not have anyone to position him in the water after it was stirred and so someone always entered the pool before him. His answer can teach us the following lessons:
1. Position yourself even if you have to crawl  
This sick man was not lucky enough like this lame beggar to have someone to position him in the water after it had been stirred by the Angel so that he could be healed and his stressful condition resolved.

However, though we do not know all circumstances of his situation, we are tempted to think that in those 38 years he could have done something to position himself in the pool even if it meant crawling to its edge and throwing himself inside immediately it was stirred. 

Therefore if you ever find yourself all alone in a stressful situation, understand that you have to do whatever you can to place yourself in the strategic position where you can receive the solution to your stressful problem even if it means crawling on your hands or walking in the rain.  

2. Do you want to be healed?
When Jesus asked this sick man this simple question, he did not answer Him with a straight yes or no. He answered him with the excuse of having no one to help him. 

His inability to answer this simple question may have contributed to his inability to find a way to position himself strategically in the pool for all those years he was sick.

Therefore understand that you must first answer the question, "Do you want to resolve your stressful situation?" with a clear YES if you want to find a way to position yourself to receive a solution.

Therefore if you are stressed by sickness first ask yourself, "Do you want to be healed?

If you are stressed by poverty first ask yourself"Do you want to be rich?

If you are stressed by loneliness first ask yourself"Do you want to be married?

If you are stressed by childlessness first ask yourself"Do you want children?

If you are stressed by unfulfillment first ask yourself"Do you want to fulfill your life's purpose?

Then if you are able to sincerely answer yourself with a YES click here to learn how to choose a strategic position.

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