Deliverance Can Come In Stages: Part 2

Deliverance can come in stages part 2

Jesus and The Blind Man
The second example we have of deliverance coming in stages is the blind man who was healed by Jesus outside Bethsaida. 

We see that after Jesus spat on his eyes and laid His hands on him, He asked him if he could see anythings. The man's response was, "I see men but they look like walking trees". (Mark 8:28)

The blind man received some deliverance from blindness since he could now see people. But he had not received total deliverance since he could not see clearly.

Jesus then laid His hands on him again and made him look up. The result was that his vision was fully restored and he saw clearly. 

God and the Israelites
The third example of deliverance coming in stages is the promise that God gave the Israelites as they were going to possess their Promised Land for He told them, “I will send hornets before you to drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites and the Hittites as you advance. I will not drive them out in one year to avoid the land becoming desolate since the wild animals would become too many for you. Instead, I will drive them out little by little until you have increased in number and inherit the land.” (Exodus 23:28-30) 

From this example we can see that God did not solve the problem of the Hivites, Canaanites and Hittites who were living in the Israelite’s Promised Land all at once so that He could protect the Israelites from being overwhelmed by wild animals.  

Therefore regardless of what you are praying and asking God to give you, if you initially only get half of your prayer answered, Do Not Give Up

Continue praying and tell God that you are grateful for what you have already received and then ask Him to grant you complete deliverance so that your problem is solved completely.  

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