How to Write a Personal Vision Statement

How to write a personal vision statement

The Bible tells us to Write down the vision and make it plain so that the person who reads it may run. (Habakkuk 2:2) 

This shows us that writing the vision you have been given by God is very important.

What is a Personal Vision Statement?

A personal vision statement is a description of your life's destination.

As a Christian our ultimate life's destination is Heaven. 
But, on the way to Heaven, we can have other earthly destinations. These can include raising a godly family, running a successful restaurant and even running a marathon.

For example, a Christian personal vision statement (PSV) of a person who wants those earthly and heavenly destinations might be:
I will raise a Christian family, run a successful restaurant, run the Boston marathon and go to Heaven.

How does a Personal Vision Statement help a Person?

By reminding a person of their goals, a personal vision statement (PVS) helps them make decisions that will help them achieve those goals. 

For example a person with the above PVS and who reads it every day, will be more inclined to make decisions like dating Christians so that they can marry a Christian and raise a Christian family. They will also be more likely to save money so that they can start their restaurant. They will aslo begin exercising so that they can start preparing for a marathon.In addition, they will also begin breaking some sinful habits so that they can get to Heaven.  

As a result of writing their Christian personal vision statement down, reading it every day and running towards it by making choices that are in alignment with it in their daily life, this person is more likely to arrive at their stated destination than a person who has not written their PSV down.

Therefore write down your personal vision statement today so that you can run towards your goals. 

As you pen it, I suggest that you first write it down in words like: 
I will raise a Christian family, run a successful restaurant, run the Boston marathon and go to Heaven.

Then write it down in pictures by creating a personal vision statement board. 

To do this collect images that represent those goals and paste them on a board to form a vision board. Hang your personal vision statement board where you will see it every day so that you can remind yourself of your goals and work towards them every day. 

What do you Do If you have Lost your Vision?
Sometimes life can hit you with so many disasters that you lose your inner vision. 

Serial disappointments can also distort your vision so that instead of seeing good things in your future you only see doom and more gloom.

If you are in such a situation right now and you want to regain the good vision you had about your life:
1. Re-write your personal vision statement both in words and pictures

2. Look up to Jesus because He is the author and finisher of our faith. (Hebrews 12:2)
3. Stop looking at your current stressful situation and surroundings. Shift the focus of your mind to Jesus as you pray for His help. Ask Him to heal all the things that have been broken on the inside that are making it hard for you to believe that you can achieve the (good) things you would like to achieve.

4. Start taking baby steps towards achieving your Christian Personal Vision Statement goals.

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