Holiday Activities for Christian Singles

Since stress can be doubly distressing when it trespasses into festive holidays, Holiday Activities for Christian Singles teaches some of the pleasant activities that Christian singles and couples who are not in loving relationships can engage in to reduce holiday stress regardless of whether they have to face Christmas Day or Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or their birthday alone.

Holiday Activities for Christian Singles Book Excerpt
Activities that you can engage in as a Christian single to reduce the feelings of lovelessness and loneliness include:
Throw A Home Spa Party
Celebrate your singleness by calling your single friends and having a group home spa party or pamper your single self by yourself in your own solitary home spa party.

Activities that you can engage in your home spa party include:
1. Spiritual Facials
Follow these 6 steps to give yourself a spiritual facial:
a. Cleanse your spirit by confessing your sins to God.
b. Tone it by thanking God for as many blessings you can think of. 
c. Steam it with forgiveness of self and others to open up your pores and let go of self-hatred, bitterness and vengeance. 
d. Apply the mask of salvation to remove all sins from your deepest pores.
e. Spot treat the blemishes of worry and doubt with renewed faith and trust in God. 
f. Moisturize it with prayer and praise to keep it radiant, supple and healthy.

2. Physical Facials
Take the facial steam bath a step further and have a full facial. Full facial treatments improve your appearance and their associated therapeutic touch can also improve your mental well-being

For starters, you can use the products you normally use to clean your face but if you want to experiment, you can try The Honey Cucumber Facial which offers a natural alternative to the commercial ones.

Fresh lemons
Fresh cucumber slices
Cotton balls
Facial sauna

Add 10 drops of fresh lemon juice to 1 cup of warm water and use this to clean your face using a cotton ball. 
Add 10 drops of fresh lemon juice to 1 cup of honey and massage this mixture onto your face for 15 minutes. Feel the lemon exfoliate while the honey moisturizes. 
Wipe off the mixture with a warm wet cloth
Steam your face for 15 minutes
Apply mashed cucumber to your face for 15 minutes and put 2 cucumber slices over your eyes.
Rinse off with warm water

To learn more recipes and activities read Holiday Activities for Christian Singles

Holiday activities for Christian singles

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