How to Pray Effectively

How to Pray Effectively
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Self-Psychotherapy for Dealing with Depression

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Self-Psychotherapy for Dealing with Depression teaches you how to analyze your thoughts so that you can uproot the depressing ones from your mind because depressing thoughts result in feeling depressed which in turn results in acting depressed and being depressed.

Reframing Thoughts
Reframing is changing the way you look at things or the meaning you place on them so that you can feel better about them even if they haven’t changed or you can’t even change them.

For example if you break a leg and you have to spend some days in bed, you can view your bedridden stint as a wonderful opportunity to relax and take it easy rather than view it as a medical inconvenience.

If you are sacked from your job you can view it as being kicked out of the rat race and a wonderful opportunity to start your own home based job to ensure your financial freedom.

Therefore, analyze your life and look at all the situations and people who “depress you” so that you can change your thoughts about them.

For instance you can label people or situations that test your patience as “character building” and you will find that as you positively change your thoughts about them, your emotional reaction and feeling and behavior to them will also change positively.

Therefore, since there are so many ways that you can view and interpret a situation, always chose one that leaves you less depressed or happier.

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