How to Plan a Chic, Cheap Wedding

How to Plan a Chic, Cheap Wedding teaches you step by step wedding planning so that you can know how to plan a beautiful wedding even if you are on a tight budget.

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The Pre-Wedding Activities 
These are the activities you should be engaging in once you decide that you want to get married regardless of whether or not you are dating.

The Key Events of any Wedding Planning Timeline
Understanding the key factors in any wedding timeline will enable you to plan weddings with a full year’s notice or with just a month’s notice without missing any important detail.

The Chief Categories of Costs in any Wedding Plan
Our wedding planning checklist will help you understand the key cost categories of all weddings so that you can successfully plan weddings of all sizes from large social events to small intimate gatherings.

How to Fit a Wedding into any Budget
Knowing how to fit a wedding into any budget will make you a more successful wedding planner as you will be able to cater to brides in different social groups as well as be able to adjust your wedding plans when the bride and groom encounter unexpected financial hitches. 

Free Resources
Knowing where to get free wedding resources such as software, wedding music and templates on the web will help you plan wonderful weddings.

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