How to Make Fascinators

How to Make Fascinators

How to Make Fascinators uses color pictures and clear explanations to teach you the millinery art of creating these fabulous hair accessories. You will learn:
* How to Make Cone Base Fascinator Hats
* How to Make Side Comb Fascinators
* How to Make Headband Fascinators

How to Make Fascinators
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What is a Fascinator?
Fascinators are stylish head decorations which can be worn instead of hats.
Fascinators can be worn as evening accessories when they are called cocktail hats, or in weddings as bridal hair accessories instead of a veil or as stylish millinery by fashionista guests. 

These statement making hair accessories can also be worn for Church services, funerals, trendy parties as well as fashionable social events such as the Concours d’Elegance, Royal Ascot, Grand National and the Melbourne Cup.
How to Make Fascinators

Fascinators can be classified as:
Some fascinator hats such as the one pictured above can fall in several categories simultaneously.


How to Make Cone Base Fascinators
1. Draw a circle in the card with a 5’’ or 12cm diameter. Cut it out.
How to Make Fascinators

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