Niche Home Based Cake Business Ideas

Niche Home Based Cake Business Ideas teaches you several ways to specialize your baking business and carve out a profitable niche for yourself in the cake market. This book also includes numerous color photos of unique cakes for your inspiration.

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How To Choose A Cake Niche
The following are the five simple step that one must take when choosing the cake niche that they will specialize in:
1. Identify the Demand
The first step in choosing your cake niche is to identify the type of cake that your target market wants.

If you have already been baking in a semi-professional setup, this is easy as you already know the cakes that fly off your oven shelves. 

If you have not been selling your cakes, look around in your locality and even online and see what type of cakes people want to buy.

You can do a small research in your target market by asking them the type of cakes they wish were more available and what they would be willing to pay for them.

Begin the research in your social circle by asking members of your family or book club or church or any other group that you belong to the types of cakes they would love to have but are not readily available.

You can also do “informal research” by casually asking other local cake bakers their best selling cakes.

Examples of current cake demands in my market include:
1.  Special diet cakes like gluten free or lactose-free or egg free or vegetarian cakes.
2. Health condition cakes like low sugar diabetic cakes or low-fat cakes or high fiber cakes and low sodium cakes.

Note that the demand for cakes varies from season to season and from market to market and so you will have to do your own research.

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