How to Make Appropriate Gift Baskets

How to Make Appropriate Gift Baskets

Regardless of whether you want to start your own unique gift basket business or you simply want to master the art of giving awesome presents, How to Make Appropriate Gift Baskets uses color pictures and clear explanations to teach you how to make fabulous gift baskets and adapt them for different holidays and occasions.

How to Make Appropriate Gift Baskets
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The first step when making gift baskets is to take the 3 Ts into consideration so that you can generate unique gift basket ideas. These three Ts are:
The Theme Of The Occasion
When you are making homemade gift baskets, you have to know the theme of the occasion so that you can build and give an appropriate gift basket.
For example, Santa, hollies, and wreaths represent a Christmas theme.

Shamrocks, four leaf clovers, the flag and map of Ireland represent a St Patrick's Day theme.

Bunnies, eggs, crosses, lamb, and chicken represent an Easter theme.

Carnations and roses represent a Mother's Day theme.

The Liberty bell, patriotic hats, watermelons, and fireworks represent a 4th of July Independence day theme.

A maple leaf and the flag and map of Canada represent a Canada Day theme.

Hamantaschen, masks, and groggers represent a Purim theme.

Turkeys and harvest baskets filled with fruits and vegetables represent a Thanksgiving theme.

Menorah, dreidel, and flag and map of Israel represent a Hanukkah theme.

7 Candles (Mishumaa Saba), unity chalice (Kikombe cha Umoja), flag (Bendera), crops (Mazao), gifts (Zawadi) represent a Kwanzaa theme.

Sombrero, Chile peppers, tacos, pinata, and the flag and map of Mexico represent a Cinco de Mayo theme.

Hearts, roses, and flowers represent a Valentine's Day theme.
How to Make Appropriate Gift Baskets

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