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How to Overcome Shyness
How to Overcome Shyness teaches you several practical things that you can do to break out of your cocoon of shyness the way a butterfly breaks out of its cocoon and does things that a cocooned caterpillar can only dream of.                                                   
Book Excerpt                                                                                                           
How to Stop Being a People Pleaser
How To Stop Being a People Pleaser teaches you seven simple things you can do to stop being a doormat and cure the disease to please.
Book Excerpt
Kindle eBook How to Stop Being a People Pleaser
PDF eBook How to Stop Being a People Pleaser
Paperback How To Stop Being a People Pleaser 

Christian Anger Management
Christian Anger Management teaches you Biblical anger management tips and self-help strategies to help you manage anger rather than letting it manage you and destroy your testimony, life, family, and career.
Christian Emotional Healing
Christian Emotional Healing teaches you how to heal your emotional wounds using Biblical principles and examples of people who were in emotionally painful situations such as Joseph.

Resolving Conflicts just likeJesus Christ
Resolving Conflicts just like Jesus Christ uses Biblical examples from Jesus Christ to King Solomon to teach Conflict Resolution Strategies, Third Party Mediation Techniques, Conflict Reduction and Prevention as well as how Jesus dealt deftly with various Conflict Complexities. It will help increase the peace in your home, the productivity of your ministry and the profitability of your business.  

How to Ensure your Prayers are Answered
How to Ensure your Prayers are Answered teaches you the things that the Bible says hinder our prayers so that you can stop doing them and ensure that your unanswered prayers are answered. It also teaches you the essential things that the Bible says we should do to increase the chances of having our prayers answered.
Christian Goal Setting
Christian Goal Setting teaches you how to set and achieve your goals using Biblical principles.
How to Assert Yourself
How to Assert Yourself teaches you how to express yourself clearly without being disrespectful or hurting the feelings of others or minimizing what you want to say by using a simple assertiveness ASSERT mnemonic.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. How to Assert Yourself to Superiors
Chapter 2. How to Assert Yourself to Your Peers
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom is a collection of original sayings by Dr Miriam Kinai.
Table of Contents:
Christmas Quotes
New Year Quotes
Life Quotes
Success Quotes
Health Quotes

Holiday Activities for Christian Singles
Since stress can be doubly distressing when it trespasses into festive holidays, Holiday Activities for Christian Singles teaches some of the pleasant activities that Christian singles and couples who are not in loving relationships can engage in to reduce holiday stress regardless of whether they have to face Christmas Day or Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or their birthday alone.

How to Love Your Self
How to Love Yourself teaches you several practical and powerful activities you can do to begin liking yourself so that you can eventually love yourself unconditionally.

Managing Pain with the Word of God
Managing Pain with the Word of God teaches you how to apply Biblical principles as healing balms to soothe emotional pain. It also gives you practical Biblical pain relief tips from Jabez, whose name means pain, and other people who lived through painful situations like Joseph.

Who Am I?
Who Am I? Uses Biblical references to help you understand yourself better so that you can correctly lay the foundation of your self-identity, self-respect, security, and significance. It also helps you understand the purpose of your life.
Book Excerpt
Kindle eBook Who Am I?

Christian Life Coaching Handbook
Christian Life Coaching Handbook uses Biblical examples and principles to help you become a life coach so that you can inspire yourself (and others) to fulfill your God appointed life purpose.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Christian Anger Management
Chapter 2 Christian Conflict Resolution
Chapter 3 Christian Goal Setting
Chapter 4 Christian Marriage Stress Management
Chapter 5 Christian Personal Finance
Chapter 6 Christian Stress Management
Chapter 7 Dealing with Depression Biblically
Chapter 8 Determination
Chapter 9 How to Assert Yourself
Chapter 10 How to Fight Confusion with Bible Verses
Chapter 11 How to Fight Discouragement
Chapter 12 How to Defeat Fear
Chapter 13 How to Resist Temptation
Chapter 14 How to Improve your Physical Health
Chapter 15 How to Stop Being a People Pleaser
Chapter 16 How to Strengthen your Christian Faith
Chapter 17 The Power of the Tongue
Chapter 18 Your Ministry and your Life’s Purpose
PDF eBook

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