How to Love Yourself

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How to Love Your Self teaches you several practical and powerful activities you can do to begin liking yourself so that you can eventually love yourself unconditionally.
Romance Your Self
Imagine that there is someone who loves you dearly and do for yourself the things you would expect a person who loves you to do for you.
For example if you love flowers or chocolates or books, buy them for yourself. If you love receiving cards or flowers, schedule sending them to yourself on your birthday, holidays, and any other special day in your life when you would expect to receive them from loved ones.
Treat Your Temple Right
Since your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19) you have to treat it the way a Temple should be treated.
Keep it clean. Embellish it appropriately. Restrict entrance to those who respect its sanctity. Maintain its physical integrity by feeding it the right foods. Service it to keep it in great working order by exercising regularly. Close it for internal renovations by resting it adequately.
Express yourself
Stop repressing your self and start expressing your self. You can express your inner self to the outer world through your dressing, singing, blogging (even anonymously), baking, decorating, painting or any other way you decide to channel your talents and feelings.
Change your Inner Critic to a Cheerleader
Since love is supposed to be blind, change your inner critic into your cheer leader by blinding her to your flaws and giving her a new song to sing that praises your positive points as you work on neutralizing your negative ones.
Pick your Pick-Me-Ups
Create a list of the things that make you feel instantly (or almost instantly) better when you are feeling bad about your self.
These can include blogs you read, ebooks you peruse, magazines you flip through, flicks you watch, music you sing along to, podcasts you listen to, and chocolates you nibble.
Keep your pick-me-ups close by in an Emotional Emergency Box which can be a virtual one in the case of ebooks and podcasts or a physical in the case of chocolates and movies.

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