Can God Help Me If I Am Surrounded By Enemies?

Can God Help Me If I Am Surrounded By Enemies?

Are you surrounded by vicious enemies?

Have you been asking, “Can God help me when I am surrounded by enemies?”

Does it seem like you have no other option except to give up and surrender to your enemies?

If so, understand that God can help you regardless of your circumstances and He can raise the deliverer who will save you from those same enemies who are surrounding you.

Princess Michal and David
The first Biblical example of God raising a deliverer from the enemy’s camp is David’s wife Michal.

King Saul was determined to kill David because he was jealous of him after the women sung, “Saul has killed thousands but David has killed ten thousands.” (1 Samuel 18:8)

Saul therefore used the vast resources at his disposal as King to catch and kill David but God raised deliverers for David not just from King Saul’s own camp but from his own family.

David’s first deliverer from King Saul’s camp was his daughter Michal. We can see that she saved David’ life the night when King Saul sent men to watch David’s house so that they could kill him. Michal warned David by saying, If you do not escape tonight, you will be dead by tomorrow. (1 Samuel 19:11)

Princess Michal then helped David leave their apartment by letting him down through the window. She then made a dummy of some items including a pillow made of goat’s hair and put it in the bed to represent David. When King Saul’s men came to arrest David, she told then that David was unwell.

They took her word back to King Saul who then commanded them to bring David to him even if they had to bring him in his sick bed. On returning to David and Michal’s apartment, the arresting officers found that the form on the bed was not a sick David but dummy with goat hair. (1 Samuel 19:11-16)

Thus we can see that God raised a deliverer for David who had access to inside information for Michal was in a position to know her father’s commands concerning her husband David and thus she saved his life in the nick of time.

Michal by virtue of being the King’s daughter also probably knew the best window to let down David from their apartment so that he could escape safely and thus she helped David who had grown up in the fields as a shepherd.

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