How the body responds to stress

How the body responds to stress

Regardless of whether the source of your stress is physical or mental, personal or social, real or imaginary, the body responds in a uniform manner known as the General Adaptation Syndrome.

This general adaptation syndrome is a physiological reaction which consists of 3 stages. 

In the first stage, the fight or flight stage, the nervous system is activated and stress hormones are released. These increase the heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and blood flow to the arm and leg muscles as the body prepares to fight or flee from the stressor.

In the second stage, the body continues producing stress hormones to help it continue fighting or fleeing from the stressor long after the effects of the first stage have worn off. 

In the third stage, exhaustion develops if the stressful situation is prolonged or if it is quickly followed by another one before the body has had adequate time to relax and recover. It is this chronic stress that causes dis-ease in the body.

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