Causes and Sources of Stress

Sources of stress

The causes or sources of stress can be divided into:
1. External sources of stress
External causes of stress include:
a. Work stress
Work or job stress can be caused by a heavy workload, long hours, excessive responsibilities, urgent deadlines, not liking the job, job insecurity, poor management, long commutes, pay cuts, harassment, demanding boss, difficult co-workers  and job loss. 

Positive causes of work stress include promotions and retirement. 

b. Social Stress
Social stress can be caused by the death of a spouse or any other loved person, family or relationship conflicts, divorce, separation, abusive relationships and taking care of an elderly family member or one with a chronic illness.   

Positive causes of social stress include marriage, pregnancy and moving to a new home.

c. Financial stress
Financial or money stress can be caused by increasing financial obligations and decreasing sources of income. 
d. Environmental stress
Environmental stress can be caused by the weather, natural disasters, traffic, too bright or too dim lighting, loud noises, excessive heat or cold, pollution of the air or water and clutter.

The people in a certain place can also stress you with their attitude, words and body language.
Sources of stress - external

2. Internal sources of stress
Internal causes of stress include:
a. Cognitive Stress
Cognitive stress is caused by negative thoughts and beliefs like guilt, low self-esteem, impatience, perfectionism and unrealistic expectations.

b. Emotional Stress
Emotional stress is caused by emotions like depression, anxiety, discouragement, anger, grief.

Fear is a great source of stress and it can be fear of failure, fear or public speaking, fear of small space or any other phobia.

c. Physiological Stress
Physiological stress is caused by chronic illnesses, painful conditions, poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, lack of exercise and life changes like adolescence, menopause and aging. 
d. Epigenetics
Epigenetics or the changes in gene expression that are not caused by changes in the DNA sequence, also contribute to stress. These changes can be caused by heavy metals, pesticides and tobacco smoke.
Sources of stress - internal

Identify Your Stressors
Identifying the source of stress is one of the most important steps for effective stress management since it enables you to deal with the root cause effectively and pray over it unambiguously.

Therefore if you find that you always feel stressed,tense or uneasy every time you are in a certain place or dealing with some people, take the time to pinpoint the sources of your stress by analyzing what exactly is stressing you about that place or those people.

Is it their attitude towards you, their words or body language?

Is it the decor, the clutter, the dim lighting or the incessant noise?

Is it the air of confusion, indecision or the couldn't-care-less attitude pervading that place?

Or is it you stressing yourself by entertaining negative thoughts about your anticipated experiences in that place?

Is it fear?


Whatever it is, identify the specific source of your stress so that you can deal with it effectively.

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  1. Yes that is true. The flight or fight response is how we were designed to face stress.


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