My name is Dr. Miriam and I write for Christian Stress Management.

I offer writing services as a: 

Freelance Christian Blogger 

I am a born again Christian and a trained Christian counselor with a sound knowledge of the Scriptures and Biblical principles. I offer the following services to blogs, Churches, faith-based organizations, online magazines, and offline periodicals:
* Writing articles 
* Ghostwriting blog posts  

Writing Samples
God's Exceeding Abundance: Never Doubt
Supernatural Occurrences: Miracles of God or Demons?
All the blog posts on like the following:
How to reduce self-doubt and increase self-confidence
Is your door of hope in your valley of trouble?
How to refuse to be intimidated
 Freelance Christian Blogger

Freelance Health Writer
I have a conventional medicine background and training in alternative medicine. I also write health related articles and blogs for both offline and online publications.

Writing Samples
Natural peppermint body scrub recipe for stress management
3 Reasons to eat chocolate for stress management
Natural chocolate body scrub recipe

All My Articles Are:
* Unique as verified by CopyScape
* Come with a copyright free image

Additional Optional Services
* SEO (search engine optimization) of articles and blog posts
* Uploading and scheduling blog posts on WordPress blogs 
* Promoting your blog posts on social media channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (yours and mind)
* Creating social media posts from blog posts
* Customization of images for sharing on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by resizing them and adding your watermark

If you would like me to produce high-quality content for your Christian or health-related blog or website, please use this Contact Form to get in touch with me or send an email to drmiriam(at)christianstressmanagement(dot)com

Thank you and I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals. 

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