Does God Care About Me?

Does God Care About Me?

Are you in a stressful situation that is making you ask, "Does God care about me?"

If you are, learn from the disciples when  they found themselves in a similar situation.

This happened when Jesus told them to cross to the other side of the river. They got into a boat in obedience and then a great storm arose. The wind and waves worked together to beat their boat and fill it with water. 

However in the midst of being attacked by the wind, waves and water, the disciples felt as if Jesus was indifferent to the problem they were facing because He was asleep in the stern of the boat. (Mark 4:35-38)

They then woke Him and asked Him, "Do You not care that we are perishing?(Mark 4:38)

When Jesus woke up, He rebuked the wind and it ceased howling. He also spoke to the sea commanding it to be still and it became calm. 

Then, after settling the issue with the storm, He asked the disciples, Why are you so fearful? (Mark 4:40) How is it that you do not have faith? (Mark 4:40)

Therefore if today you have been asking God, "Do You not care that I am perishing?" or asking yourself, "Does God care about me in this stressful situation?" know that the answers to your questions are Why are you so fearful? and How is it that you do not have faith? 

Yes, these 2 questions are the answers to your questions.

So instead of asking God the question, "Do You not care that I am perishing?" ask yourself, "Why am I so fearful?" and "Where is my faith?" answer them honestly.

To help you answer these questions read:
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Once you have identified the source of your fear, defeat it by deciding to believe that:
1. Jesus can stop your storm the way He calmed the one that was threatening the disciples. Therefore you have no reason to be afraid of it.

2. Jesus can also make you walk on the stormy waters the way He enabled Peter to walk on waves. (Matthew 14) This means that He can enable you to survive and even make progress in the midst of the storm if you keep your eyes on Him and do not focus on the distracting, howling wind and troubling, turbulent waters surrounding you.

3. Jesus will be with you even if the storm takes you down the way He was with Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego when they were thrown into the fiery furnace for even the King said, "I see 4 men walking around in the fire and appearance of the 4th is like the Son of God". (Daniel 3:25) Even if the worst happens and you die physically, you will go to heaven to be with Jesus and that is also a win.

Therefore know that you do not have to fear because of the storm you are in because regardless of the outcome of the storm, Jesus will be with you because He cares for you.

So instead of being afraid, strengthen your faith in God because faith is the antidote for fear.

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