Easter Holiday Lessons from the Bible

How to make Easter eggs

Easter holiday guide

This Christian Easter Holiday Guide teaches you Easter Holiday Lessons from the Bible. It also explains how to make Easter holiday gift baskets. This Easter Holiday blog post also contains a selection of Easter gift baskets that you can give to celebrate this holiday which will begin on Good Friday on March 30 and end on Easter Sunday on March 1.

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The Easter Story
The Easter Story in the Bible is recorded in the books of Matthew chapter 26 to 28, Mark chapter 15 to 16, Luke chapter 22 to 24 and John chapters 17 to 20.

This Easter Story is commemorated by the Holy Week which includes the following days:

Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday remembers the day when Jesus went to Jerusalem riding on a donkey. It is commemorated on the Sunday before Easter Sunday.   

Maundy Thursday
Maundy Thursday remembers the day when Jesus shared the Passover meal with His disciples. It is commemoratedontheThursday before Easter Sunday.

Good Friday
Good Friday remembers the day when Jesus was tortured and crucified on the cross. It is commemorated on the Friday before Easter Sunday.

Holy Saturday
Holy Saturday remembers the day when Jesus' body was lying in the tomb.It is the final day of the Holy Week and it is followed by Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday remembers the day when Jesus rose from the dead.

Easter Holiday Lessons from the Bible
The events of the Easter Story can teach us the following Easter Holiday Lessons from the Bible.
A New Easter Sermon

A New Easter Message

Lessons from Mary Magdalene

These lessons are excerpts from the book Easter Holiday Lessons from the Bible which is a collection of life lessons from  a Bible study of the events surrounding the death, burial and ressurection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Holiday Lessons from the Bible

How to make Easter gift baskets

How to Make Easter Gift Baskets
To make your own Easter gift baskets to give to your family, friends and less fortunate members of your society, follow these simple steps:

Buy a Gift Bag 
Buy a gift bag that will hold the other items. This can be a wicker picnic basket or an organza gift bag or a cellophane gift bag.

Buy Easter Gift Items
Buy gift items that are perfect for an Easter Holiday gift basket. These can include:

Easter items like Easter eggs with toys inside

Writing instruments like fancy penscolor pens and markers

Candy like Godiva chocolates

Coffee accessories like Christian coffee mugscoffee mug warmer and coffee samplers

Buy Easter Basket Decorations
Arrange your gift items in the gift bag and then decorate it with the following:

Buy Easter Holiday Gift Baskets
If you do not have the time to make your own gift basket, you can buy Easter gift baskets like the following to give to your loved ones:

The Godiva Choclatier Easter Cheer Basket with Godiva Gourmet Chocolate Gifts contains a beautiful Easter bunny, gourmet chocolate and flowers that will bring a smile to the recipient.

The Jumbo Egg Star Wars Easter Basket for Girls and Boys contains Star Wars Villains playing cards, Star Wars cup, Star Wars glider, puzzle cube, a Kylo Ren journal with a pen and a BB-8 eraser.

This 10'' Easter basket also contains Easter candy like M&Ms chocolate, Starburst and BB-8 candy bracelet.

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