Relaxation Tips: Veto caffeine, Wriggle your toes, Exhale

Relaxation Tips: Veto caffeine, Wriggle your toes, Exhale

The following tips can help you manage stress more effectively:

Veto Caffeine

Foods that contain caffeine can trigger reactions in the body that are similar to those which occur when you are stressed. For example, they can raise your heart rate and increase levels of the stress hormone adrenaline.

Therefore, when you are dealing with stress, veto coffee, cola drinks and other caffeine-containing foods so that you do not heighten your body’s response to your stressors.
Veto caffeine to manage stress

Wriggle your Toes

Relaxing your feet can aid the relaxation of your entire body.

Therefore, place your feet in a tub with warm water and a couple of marbles. Wriggle your toes and squish the water while rolling the marbles to massage your foot muscles and stimulate the nerves on the sole of your feet.
Wriggle your feet to manage stress

eXhale and Inhale

Stress often results in a person taking small, shallow breaths. This natural response to stress can be countered naturally by simply inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Therefore, release the tension in your body and lower your blood pressure by taking a deep breath that fills your lungs and raises your abdomen. Follow this by exhaling completely until your abdomen falls. 

Repeat this routine of inhaling deeply followed by exhaling completely whenever you want to neutralize the effects of stress on your body.

Exhale and inhale to manage stress

Read your Bible
Read your Bible and heed God and Jesus as well as Moses, Solomon, Paul and all the other many people who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the books of the Bible and you will be able to resolve your stressful situation using their advise For by wise counsel you will wage your own war and in a multitude of counselors there is safety.  (Proverbs 24:6)

Christian relaxation tips

Rules of relaxation

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