Relaxation Techniques for Stress in College Students

Relaxation Techniques for Stress in College Students

Some studies suggest that more than half of college students experience stress in their daily lives. Since it is such a common feature for many students, it is imperative for you to practice relaxation techniques like the following:

Breathe deeply since this is the easiest way to relax. 

To breathe effectively, take a deep breathe until your abdomen rises, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale completely until your abdomen falls.

Since a merry heart is one of the best medicines for stress, ensure that you laugh at least once a day. To meet this goal, you can read a post from a funny blog or read a chapter from a humorous book or call a friend who has the gift of making you laugh.
A merry heart is as good as medicine Proverbs 17:22

Avoid coffee
Avoid drinking coffee since it can cause your body to behave as if it is stressed by releasing stress hormones. Foods made from white flour can also do the same. 

Therefore eat a balanced diet that includes brown bread instead of white bread and water instead of cola drinks. As you eat, practice mindfulness by concentrating on the food you are eating instead of letting your mind wander to the problems you are facing.  
Better is a dry morsel with peace than a house full of feasting with strife

Reading magazines and books of your favorite genre can get your mind off the things that are stressing you. Therefore slot in time to transport yourself to the world of fantasy by reading books in your favorite genre.

Dancing is another wonderful relaxation technique since it helps your body release “feel good” hormones known as endorphins and even "burn" stress hormones. Therefore put on your favorite music and dance to a tune or two and you will feel better after the session.

Talking is a very effective method of releasing stressful emotions. Therefore ensure that you talk to a person who makes you feel safe and accepted at least once a week. This can be your mother, your best friend or a college counselor.
A three fold cord is not easily broken Ecclesiastes 4

Take part in sports
Exercise is a very effective relaxation technique which also improves your health in numerous other ways. 

Therefore ensure that you exercise at least three times each week by shooting basketballs in the court, swimming laps in the pool or just taking a brisk walk around the campus.

Organize your dorm room
Make your college room or apartment a peaceful haven by keeping it organized since a cluttered room can make you feel stressed. To do this, designate a place for storing each item in your possession and keep to a regular cleaning schedule.

Connect with God
Having a relationship with God can help you feel less threatened by the stressors you encounter in college. Therefore talk to Him every morning and make it a point to read a few verses from your Bible each day. 

Combine this with meditating on reassuring Bible verses like With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) and you will insulate your mind from common stressors. Go the extra mile and join Christian clubs in your college so that you can connect with other like-minded students.
With God all things are  possible Matthew 19:26

Progressively relax yourself

If you have had a particularly rough day, lie on your bed with the lights off and tighten the muscles of your right foot for a few seconds before relaxing them. Do the same for the muscles of your left foot and work your way up your body as you become aware of the sensations caused by tension and those caused by relaxing the muscles.

To learn more read Rules of Relaxation

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